Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Three Quick Questions with Meg Carroll

I have been quite the fan of this lady's blog ever since I came across it - Meg is a 16-year-old Australian-based blogger who wears her hair in victory rolls near daily and has just started making her own clothes, including a gorgeous long pink circle skirt (see below). Need I say more? And while I'm very glad to have left my 16-year-old days behind, I kind of wish I could go back just so I could dress a little better - I wish I had been this trendy when I was 16!!!
If you've read my other interviews of this nature, I give the blogger in question three random questions to answer. So here are the questions I gave Meg. Enjoy!

Q: I love your hair! How long does it take you to do your hair and do you do it yourself? Who taught you? Do you wear it like that every day?

Well, things like the victory rolls and faux bangs can take under three minutes, but this is only when I’m concentrating. If I’m not, I generally stuff up, get more frustrated and have to start over multiple times. But with plenty of bobby pins and hairspray and a steady hand, it all turns out quite well. As for learning about the different styles, it was sort of self-taught with the help of multiple Youtube tutorials. Initially when I started doing it, friends would ask if they could poke my rolls or my faux bangs just out of curiousity, so I did get a few weird reactions… I have been getting very lazy recently and have done my hair less and less, mainly due to the fine line regarding uniform policy at school. Most teachers just say “my aunty had hair like yours” or “you look so vintage, are you a fashion student?” but a few would be like “take out that flower or it’s discipline point!” So my flair for hair has been a bit repressed, but I think I shall be making a come-back. I just love the pin-up style so much and I’ve finally discovered something to do with my hair for I am ashamed to say that I cannot plait. That’s right, I cannot even plait my hair!
Q. Where do you predominantly shop for clothes?

I would love to say that I’m an avid op-shopper, but I must admit that apart from the occasional miracle, I am yet to acquire the real knack for it and yet to find a local op-shop with the promise of regular hidden treasures. So I source most of my clothes online. Above all, I am devoted to Etsy and always have a million things in my cart I know I most likely will not buy (being 16 doesn’t allow for much of a budget). I also love Ruche, ModCloth and ASOS for the modern side of my style. Nowadays, I look down at what I’m wearing and it’s generally 75% from online. When it comes to buying locally, I’m pretty limited in Geelong, so every now and again I take the train up to Melbourne and wander to places such as Brunswick St where there are vintage boutiques galore and a plethora of clothes calling my name.
Q. If you had to dress in a totally different style from the way you dress now, what would that style be?

I think I would love to dress like a hippy/bohemian with sun-streaked hair to my waist, long flowing skirts, crocheted tops, the occasional tie-dye, daisy chains, headbands and of course bare feet (this being possibly the polar opposite to my actual style). I just think it would be fun, especially if it involved dancing around to the nonsense of “I am the walrus.” 
Go and check out Meg's blog and say hi if you get the chance - she's a super lovely and friendly little lady!

Also, fellow Australian (and New Zealand) bloggers, go and enter this giveaway here if you haven't already. YOU HAVE THREE DAYS! GET ON IT! Make up for our lack of winning gold by winning a skirt... or... something. (Olympic-related-quip, oh yeah! Relevancy and such!)

I hope you enjoyed this interview!
xx Annika


  1. Oh she's so cute! I wish I was that creative when I was younger!



  2. Love this post!


  3. she seems to be interesting. i guess i haven't seen her blog earlier, but yeah, i'm new blogger. i'm going to go and check this out :) very good post !

  4. Super cool post! I can't believe she is 16 yrs old!!

  5. Oh my goodness, how cute is she! I was a regular hot-freaking-mess when I was 16. Definitely following her now!


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