Sunday, 12 August 2012

How now, brown cow?

blouse - Vintage
tie - c/o Flapper Girl
skirt - Wholesale
tights - Vintage
shoes - Vintage
hat - c/o Wholesale
belt - Vintage
bag - Vintage

Hey guys! Just another outfit post. I went with 50 shades of brown plus my wig for today's outfit, and matched it with this super adorable Lady Tie from Flapper Girl.
Now I'm off to have a delicious fried breakfast.

xx Annika


  1. I really liked the colors in this outfit, you have a really amazin style, I love it. And with your wig this photo reminds me of Neapolitan Ice cream :D

  2. You look so lovely. :) I've been reading through you archives (tonight especially-- busy weekend planned) for inspiration. You're such a cool lady.

  3. So lovely. I really dig that wig on you, it looks really amazing. And, brown is such a great color on anyone, especially us caspers.

  4. Beautiful colour palette. Your hair makes it even more beautiful 8D

  5. Aahh that last picture of you *_* BEAUTIFUL <3 <3

  6. Thank you so much for comment on my blog :3 It was maassssive <3 Hah, I really love your tie. I want to have one. I need to buy it <3 . You are such inspiring little beast <3. This outfit is so lovely. very good to first day in new job :)

  7. I started looking at this and was just like 'Wooooa, those are the best extensions ever' but then when you say wig at the bottom it does explain a little better why your hair is so utterly different from last time I was here. Duh. It is an incredible wig though, you look really good with long hair. Do you wear wigs a lot because it looks fun to be able to instantly change hairstyle like that. :)

  8. You are so cute dear! Loveeee your hair!

  9. I love the colour palette of this outfit and the retro-vintage vibe. Oh, and your hair is beautiful! xxx

  10. Soooooo nice dress!!!!
    Greetings from Czech Reublic!

  11. Gorgeous lady, you probably inspire me more than any other blogger!!

    I have a giveaway on my blog i think you may love the dress!! if you would like to check it out :)

  12. You are just way too adorable! Love the wig.

  13. This is such a sweet little outfit and a sweet little blog!
    You've got yourself a new follower!

  14. I think you look awesome with that wig, long hair really suits you! :D
    Anyway, you look lovely and truly inspiring as usual! ^^

  15. cute!! Love it!!
    Gr8 pics..The dress is cool :)
    The Sweet Life

  16. really really love your new hair! much better, you look so great!


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