Monday, 20 August 2012

Dress design competition - please vote for me!

Hello all! I decided to try out designing some dresses to enter them in a dress designing competition held by Ra Ra Superstar. The winner will have their dress made and sold in stores! Which would be so, so, so super dooper exciting. If one of my designs won, you could even buy the dress and then say "hey! I know the girl who designed this dress, how cool am I?" Awesome, right? (Although I'm sure this won't happen because a lot of the other drawings are much better than mine, but hey, I may as well try.)
Please vote for me (find the links below the photos)! The design that gets the most "Likes" on facebook will win!

Here's the three designs I entered (and please excuse my terrible illustrations):

If enough people vote my dresses as their favourite, then one of these dresses will exist in real life. Please go and vote for me (and don't vote for anyone else ;) ), because it would be so incredible to win. I'm sure I'll be spamming you all about this until the competition closes. I love you guys ;)

xxx Annika


  1. I voted for the orange and mint paisley dress I honestly love it! Beautiful designs, I've never been much in for designing my own clothes, just admiring them!

  2. Wow. Love them! I've seen this comp and considered entering, but haven't really done much design except for a bit at school. Love the swan dress print and I've voted for it!

  3. haha... i've never done any dress design or any drawing. but it thought i'd might as well try haha. Thanks heaps :)

  4. Oh wow, you are really talented! you know i also design some clothes, but i don't have talent to sewing... sux ! wow i'm really in love with this:)

  5. thats so FANTASTIC ! AND YEAH I VOTED FOR ALL UR DESINGS BECAUSE I TRULLY THINK THAT U RE GIFTED "i ve been stalking u for ages lol" and keep the good work FIGHING !
    also i hve a stupid question : is that ur hand drawing ? if its not please tell me how u made it and thank u <3

    1. Haha thanks you so much! And yeah, it is, but then scanned into the computer so maybe that's why it looks a little bit digitalised. xx

  6. Lovely dresses! I've voted for all. Good luck!


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