Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Cupcakes and Cream

blouse - Vintage
tie - c/o Flapper Girl
shorts - c/o Oasap
bag - c/o Wholesale
tights - Vintage
hat - c/o Wholesale
shoes - Raben Footwear

It was such lovely weather today that I went for a super long walk all the way to the next town, in this outfit (sans wig). An old lady (probably about 70 or so) dressed in a beanie and a raincoat (it was hot and there weren't any clouds in the sky, but hey) stopped me on my walk and said "I just needed to tell you, you look really chic. Your whole ensemble is really chic." and then walked off. Which was just super cute and nice. I love it when random people who would wouldn't think would have any interest in fashion go out of there way to tell you that you look nice, it never fails to make my day. So I decided that I am going to go out of my way to compliment random people on their outfits in the future (and hopefully won't seem like a massive creeper whilst doing so).

Okay, so now I have to do 314018752 assignments for uni. If I'm not around here much in the next week, that's where I'm at.
Hope you're all having a nice Wednesday :)
xxx Annika


  1. gorgeous as ussual<3
    really inspiring dear


  2. This is one of my favorite outfits from you thus far Annika! I love the purple and red combination, so beautiful <3 <3

    Also, that is so unbelievably sweet re: that woman's compliment! I want to begin complimenting more people soon as well, but I'm aways afraid of seeming weird!

  3. loveely outfit as always! im your fans btw <3

  4. Nice to know that a 70 year old still gets fashion!!!

  5. Haha this just makes me want to know what your hair looks like even more! How bad could it be? Plleeeeeaaase? Hahaha anyways, you look beautiful as always. :)

    1. haha it's not thaaat bad atm, I just like my wig :) (although it's about to make a dramatic change... ;) )

  6. I love love love these shorts! I've been having a thing for lavendar lately. Also, you pull of hats SO well.


  7. I love random compliments too! I should start telling them more to people. :3
    And you really do look chic!! *-*

  8. Aaw that's so sweet! A girl once stopped me to tell me she loved my coat. It made my whole week!


  9. Haha this made my day :)!!! This lady was so cute :) Yeah, you look ADORABLE <3

  10. I love all your outfits! You really do look chic i love it <3
    I would have given you the same compliment if I were to see you walking down the street :P (I hope I don't sound too creepy! lol)

  11. Most of the people who compliment my outfits are over 50. Pfft.
    I love your purple shorts.


  12. great outfit, very chic - oa


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