Sunday, 21 September 2014

The Thirty-Minute Skirt!

Today I'm sharing with you how something that I call my "30-minute skirt" - although in reality, it can often take me up to an hour to make :P But it's a really quick & easy skirt to make - a great project for a beginner, if you're just trying to wrap your head around a sewing machine!

I hope you're all having a wonderful day,

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  1. Such a cute skirt and a lovely outfit!
    xx Tineke

  2. Bravo ! wonderful cute skirt xxx

  3. Cute! I'm learning to sew, so simple stuff like this is neat!

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  4. you make it seem pretty easy, and since i'm always really busy this the perfect project for me!

  5. i have been meaning to buy a sewing machine and sew my own skirts - something a little longer and fuller - and this tutorial is simple and helpful and i feel like it's definitely doable! thanks!

  6. Well, I just posted a comment and it got lost! I thought this is an easy skirt pattern & I make these for my 7 yr old grand daughter. Sometimes I can find childrens prints at thrift stores. The only *pet peeve* of MINE I see here is that you should iron out your material before. I could be wrong... :)

    1. hahaha yes, definitely iron! I mentioned that in my youtube video description that you really shouldn't be lazy like me... :P

  7. Thank you sew much for making this DIY! I made this for my first sewing project and I did not see your video, so I made it all wrong.:( You inspired me to start over and try again. Thanks!!!


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