Thursday, 12 June 2014

Mrs Strong: A Mr Men DIY

Skirt is DIY | blouse and jumper are thrifted | brooch is by Katie | tights from OKOK | Shoes are Naot | earrings are handmade from the Finders Keepers markets in Sydney

Last Friday I woke up determined to make something of these Mr Men bedsheets that I found at the op shop 3 or 4 months ago. I sent Katie a quick message asking if she wanted to join me in a crafting-session so we could make ourselves matching outfits for the Finders Keepers Craft Markets later that night. She responded with an enthusiastic yes, but unfortunately she started feeling really anxious and had to cancel. I felt terrible having my main girl feel so bad, and wanted to do anything that I could to help, so I spent the whole day binge-listening to podcasts and working on some skirts for us both. After making two matching circle skirts, I thought I would cut around one of the Mr Men characters and turn it into a pinafore-style dress - after transforming "Mr" Strong into "Mrs Strong" of course (that's what I think of your sexist gender-binaries, Roger Hargreaves! Did you know that the "Mr Men" and "Little Misses" live in "Misterland"? *grumpy face*). I also put some stuffing inside the pinafore-bit to help it keep its shape, and I'm so happy with how it turned out.

So I turned up later that afternoon at Katie's apartment with a surprise gift, and told her that anytime she is feeling bad she should put on the pinafore and remember how amazing and strong she is ('coz she is)! We then proceeded to have the best time at the Finders Keepers markets, meeting hundreds of wonderfully crafty people, being complimented on our style by literally everyone we talked to, feeling massively good about ourselves and (half-jokingly) scheming on a plan to drop out of uni and open our own craft business.

Pop along to Katie's blog to see more photos and close-ups of her Mrs Strong pinafore. Also, if you've ever suffered from anxiety or are close to someone who does, Katie's latest blog post will probably really resonate with you. Give it a read :)

I hope that you're all having a wonderful week!

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  1. these playground outfits are so colorful and cute! i love the patterns <3

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  3. Ah! The pairing of the blouse and tights with the skirt is so so cute!

  4. Gosh Annika, these are UNBELIEVABLY adorable!! I always liked this series, but yah, kind of masochistic in retrospect. I love that you turned it into Mrs. Strong! And you two are so lovely. Your shots together always look like something out of a magazine! You were so sweet to do that for your friend -- you girls are awesome.

    xox Sammi

  5. Those are so cool, I want one! I love your orange spotty tights.

  6. I love these colours, that skirt is amazing <3

    The Quirky Queer

  7. You are such an amazing friend - you girls both look so adorable! Love the matching outfits!


  8. Your tights are to die for, such a nice colour!

  9. These colors are superb. Also, as an anxious person myself, I say Katie is damn lucky to have a friend like you.

  10. Mr Men! arrrrgggh <3 love love love!

  11. This orange looks so good on you !!

    Love From Paris,

  12. Those tights are out of this world! Oddly enough everything matches quite well which you'd think would be more than difficult with all those colours in your skirt..


    P.S. No eyelashes for Mrs Strong?! :P

  13. You both are just too adorable. You're lucky to have such good friends in each other too c:

  14. You should totally start a clothing line! And Katie's ice-cream tights ♥


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