Sunday, 27 January 2013

Tokyo!! .....almost ;)

SO! I should hopefully be on a plane right now! This post is scheduled to go live while I'm 10km up in the air and heading for wintery Tokyo, and hopefully that's still the case and nothing has gone wrong with this scheduled post and/or the flight (the latter is probably the one I should be more concerned about). I'm probably not going to get around to blogging anything for a few days, so this post shows some of the best photos I took last time I was in Japan - that was more than a year ago in 2011 (and I am ashamed to admit I only just got around to going through the photos properly a couple of weeks ago, which is why you would have never seen them on the blog before)! Anyway, enjoy!
One of the most amazing second-hand stores I've ever been in - yeah they had a whole section just for Vivienne Westwood stuff.
Getting excited for some more weird shopping experiences...
We stumbled across this last time while in Osaka... Ronald McDonald doing some community service..??
Posing for a lookbook photo in a Japanese vintage dress (see original post)
More from me once I'm in Japan! 

さよなら, (I've totally been practising my Hiragana and typed that myself, wooooo!)


  1. how many times have you go there? :O so amazing pictures..i totally love the first one! :)

    have fun there, dear! :)

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  2. Wonderful photos! I'd just love to visit Japan; such an incredible culture. And the food! Ahhh...
    Have a fantastic trip! ♡

  3. You probably won't see this for a while so I hope you're having/ you had a fantastic time! I'd love to go to Japan one day.


  4. So beautiful! These photos are awesome :)

  5. I hope you have lots of fun. I wish I could go there again, I realized I'm only happy when I'm there...

    Girls that glitter love the dark

  6. Cool look:) and photos!!! I invite you to my blog in Vintage style:) I greet:)

  7. It looks so cool there! The noodles look great. And of course, your vintage look is perfect! I love the cute collar.
    P.S. If you didn't notice, I saw on the fashion sponge facebook page that your were one of their finalists! Congrats!

  8. that roof picture is beautiful. have an ace time! x

  9. ahhh I am so jealous/ excited for you!! I lived in tokyo last year and I miss it more than I can even sometimes I still's the beesssstt!!

    1. I cried when I arrived back in the suburb I stayed in last time. It was like returning home. I know what you mean:)

  10. Those crabs are the flipping scariest thing I've ever seen!! I want you to post loads of photos from Japan but please nothing scary like that! haha

  11. Safe and Happy travels lady, I'm sure you're going to have a blast.

  12. Lovely pictures, enjoy your stay!! xx

  13. I think you have inspired me to check out their vintage stores in Japan as well. Even though I have been in love with Japan ever since 2004/5, I have never been to Japan once.

    Nonetheless, I look forward to your updates and hopefully that will help me plan my (hopefully in near future) trip to Japan better. (As well as trying to imagine me being there. >.<)

    By the way, although さよなら (sayonara) might be found in katakana form, さようなら (sayounara) is the technically correct form.

    Personally I feel it would be better to use 「じゃ、またね」 (jya, mata ne) or 「またね」 (mata ne) as it sounds less final. さようなら is usually used when you bid farewell for long period of time such as months/years or in situations where you bid the last goodbye.

    Meanwhile 「じゃ、またね」・「またね」 generally means "See ya" so it sounds less final and formal.

    I'm not Japanese though. (^^;;

    1. Sounds like you understand japanese language a lot better than me though! Haha, thanks for letting me know (and hopefully my tiny bit of hiragana at least impressed people who don't speak Japanese at all haha). I've at least learnt to stop saying "iie" to shop keepers and the like, replacing it with the much more polite "choto..." if I don't want something - which I think is more correct?? Thanks for your help:)

    2. Sorry for the late reply!

      I have been studying Japanese language since 2010. ♪( ̄▽+ ̄*)

      I still have a long long way to go though. I wish I'm fluent but I'm not. Not yet anyway.

      I'm sure the hiragana will impress some people! (^ー^* )♪

      Yeah. It's their culture to be less direct...instead of saying "No" directly they like to beat around the bush and hint at rejecting so as not to hurt the other person's feelings.

      You're right with "Chotto..." .

      No problem!

    3. Aww awesome! Where are you studying it, at university or something? Haha yeah apparently that's also how you reject someone for a date. "Chotto..." which I think is hilarious. "Oh you're just a bit..." heheh. :)


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