Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Windy City is mighty pretty

On Thursday, the wind threatened to ruin my outfit photos, but I ended up using it to my advantage. Take that, weather!
It responded by sending yet another heat wave my way :( I am hiding inside today again, wishing again and again that I had air conditioning. If I sound sluggish today, it's because it's too hot to think.

So in these photos, I'm showing off more haul from that little expedition to those thrift-stores from the other day, including this amazing pleated lemon-print skirt! This was such a ridiculously good find. My blouse and belt were also thrifted on the same day! I love successful op-shopping days!

And because I'm wearing my floral collar clips and boater in these photos, I wanted to show off this illustration Impromptu did for me for her blogger series project, wearing much the same things! How amazing is it?
I am constantly blown away by the fact that people around the world, who I have never met, ask to draw me. It's one of the perks of blogging that were both totally unexpected and that I will never tire of!

Anyway, as for what's in my outfit...
blouse, belt & skirt - Vintage
necklace - c/o Sheinside
boots - ASOS
Fine & Dandelion cardigan - c/o Modcloth
hat - c/o Wholesale

I wanted to share a quick but mind-blowing science fact today, that I became interested in after reading this "What If?" question.
Half a billion years ago, a day only lasted 22 hours and a year had 397 days.
It's so strange to think that something that seems so "set in stone" as the length of days and years can vary like that, even on Earth!
Futhermore, the Earth's rotation is slowing as we move through time... so our days are actually getting longer. In fact, atomic clocks show that our days are 1.7 milliseconds longer than they were 100 years ago.
Image of Earth via Nasa
Read more about why the Earth's rotation is slowing down here.

Private Lawns by Angus & Julia Stone on Grooveshark
p.s. This is why my blog post has the title it has.


  1. I love all the lemon coloured details , they match so wonderfully and really bring the outfit together!
    Also how cute is it that people draw you!

  2. I love how you tied in the outfit with yellow; it's so cute! And those sunflower collar clips are adorable.

  3. You look so so lovely! That skirt is so pretty.
    That is crazy that the Earth has slowed.
    I have never heard that before.

  4. I love reading all the science-y stuff on your blog. It always puts a smile on my face, as I love to learn new things :)

    That skirt truly is a great find! You did really well out of those op-shops! Xx

    1. That makes me so happy to hear. Glad you like the sciencey stuff! :)

  5. those collar clips are the cutest!

    Francesca xo

  6. I love your skirt. The gif is really cute too!


  7. This skirt is gorgeous!

    with love & sparkles

    le ballon jaune

  8. I really love that shirt, the collar is so pretty

  9. That necklace is so lovely!! I love your hair so much as well! I will probably mention your hair nearly everytime I leave you a comment because I have a major crush!

    1. I will also continue to mention that it's so completely not real ;) but thank you all the same!

  10. You are so beautiful, I'm first time on your blog, but I would definitely come back here more often ;)

  11. great outfit, I looooooove your skirt! nice blouse and you've got amazing hair <3

  12. I love your interesting posts--I learn something new each time! Your skirt is beautiful and your clips are so darn cute!
    P.S. What kind of camera do you use and with what lens? I'm looking for a DSLR and I've always loved your photos!

    1. Hey Lily! My camera is a Canon EOS 1000D - quite an old model now as I've had it for a few years. I definitely recommend EOS though for an easy to use and long lasting model - but you should get a version with video function as well. A second hand 500D would probably not set you back toooo much now - I'd say go for something like that!

  13. cute!!! Love the mustard yellow cardigan!

  14. Cute outfit Annika! Love your thrifting results - rather jealous actually! That skirt is a darling!


  15. Oh I need thrift-stores here too! The clothes seem to be too beautiful and would be perfect in my case, since I can not spend much money on clothes. This is bored. What struck me was the necklace with collar clips.. Something I had never seen before but it was really good!

  16. That skirt is gorgeous!

    <3 Melissa

  17. see, with op shopping, I'm pretty rubbish whereas your skills are superb. but, I have recently branched out to some different shops and have finally been successful, maybe my problem was WHERE I was thrifting. that lemon skirt looks awesome (and oddly familiar, but I can't place it). Also, I am a wee bit obsessed with wearing your sunflower clips now. Even wearing them to work despite them being slightly against the uniform

    1. The skirt was actually a "new" product that had been passed on from a store - maybe that's why it looks familiar!
      But definitely location is the key for successful op shopping, you definitely have to try going to some country/poorer/regional areas.

      And that makes me so happy to hear, I'm so glad you're enjoying them! :D and you'll be the best dressed lady at your work - where do you work at?

  18. I cannot believe that your thrifted the skirt and shirt. They are ridiculously good finds. You have such amazing style. This outfit has me in style heaven with it prettiness and quirky features. Amazing.

    Emily x

  19. I am super jealous of your outfit right now. I also wanted to say that I love your science fact feature! <3


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