Thursday, 24 January 2013

Smitten Little Kitten / Delicious Science

One quick last outfit post while I'm still at home! I'm taking both this amazing sweater and skirt with me to Japan, so you'll also see them in outfit posts there, but I was wearing this outfit the other day and couldn't resist snapping a few photos...

sweater - c/o Romwe
skirt - c/o Sheinside
socks - Cotton On
shoes - c/o Topb2c

I've been collecting these photos for ages and finally have a large enough collection to share: science food.
There are some amazingly creative people out there and I'm happy they're sharing their love of anatomy, astronomy and animals through food!
And Octopus cake. Yeah. (source)
Anatomical Pancakes (source - and check it out because he's also made reptiles and dinosaurs)
Space Cupcakes (source)
Anatomical heart danish pastries (source)
This is not as amazing as the ones above but it's still cute - and you can totally try it yourself ! ;) Oreos showing the phases of the moon (source)
Who's hungry?


  1. I think I shall be showing those science food pictures to my chemistry teacher and saying we should replicate them for class. Any excuse for cake right? You must be close to bursting with excitement! So, how long are you gone for and what plans do you have. (I think I missed the post where you first announced your japan trip, so it's still a bit of a mystery) :D

    1. That's definitely a good idea :D Not that any have much to do with chemistry. I'll have to find some chemistry food pictures!
      I'll be gone for nearly a month and going first to Tokyo, then to Osaka. AND I AM BURSTING WITH EXCITEMENT, you've made a very accurate observation there :D I just want the next few days to hurry up!! xx

  2. Those heart danishes are so cool! I loved seeing all the science food pictures you collected. People are so talented.
    I also love your outfit! This skirt is so flippy and fun and your cat top is the best thing ever.

  3. I am loving your combination of that sweater and skirt! (but how do you cope with the australian heat?! haha) And I've also been eyeing your perfect pair of shoes. <3

  4. I love the oreo photo! Thats amazing! And i love your skirt as well, especially in the second photo its just so swishy haha
    Bet you can't wait to go to Japan now!

    Alexandra Lauren Rose

  5. Oh, I love your outfit. Completely.

    Those pancakes are the coolest and I am DYING over the space cupcakes!

  6. wow this food looks amazing! i love it, wow.
    you look awesome, that kitty sweater is just wow *_* + your skirt <3

  7. Super cute outfit! That cat sweater makes me smile! Also, that octopus cake is the best thing everrr!

    Love, Lauren

  8. I love your outfit so much! That skirt looks amazing on you!

    Hahaha, also those pancakes make me laugh, especially the uterus. That takes a, um, special skill that's for sure. :)


  9. Aww the skirt is really beautiful.
    Science food looks good.. I'm just saying it because i'm addicted with all types of food.. Whatever!
    Looks really nice.

  10. Cute! I love the spinny skirt!


  11. Love love LOVE the kitty sweater! So cute!
    And as for the awesome science-y food - it all looks incredible! Particularly like the incredibly life like octopus cake and the space cupcakes. I'd love to try a solar system of cupcakes! ♡

  12. That cat sweater is adorable! :)

  13. Cute post~! Would you like to follow each other?

  14. Hi Annika! I found your blog via an article on Young Aussie Skeptics and I found your interview fascinating. I had seen your style before on Lookbook and always thought it was cute, quirky and awesome but I never thought to actually visit your blog and read the text! Only after reading the interview I realised there was so much fantastic reading material (besides photos of your style) on your blog! Science intrigues me a lot so I'm going to have a ball here browsing through a great mixture of fashion and science. And you're also a Sydney-sider! (Y)

    love this whole outfit btw- especially the cat sweater! love all the food pictures as well haha...the space cupcakes are amazing but I could never bring myself to eat them and ruin them! <3

  15. I love this outfit, it's so cute!! Especially love that cat sweater :) xx

  16. Those pictures are brilliant! Your outfit is so unique and looks perfect, I particularly love your cat sweater!


  17. I LOVE this sweater!! So freaking cute!!

    The science food is awesome! I must admit those anatomical pancakes freak me out though. Why do I want to eat something that looks like intestines? CREEPY.

  18. You should have mentioned where you got your hat as well, it ties the whole look together!:)


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