Thursday, 10 January 2013

Vintage Pinafore and an Old-School Door / A.I. Humour

An scientific empiricist at heart, I do like my regular boring background for taking outfit photos in front of, because it removes all variables of different lighting, settings, backgrounds, angles etc, which means each outfit can be more objectively compared to one another. 
However, sometimes it's just nice to be able to go outside and take pretty photos, dammit!

I found the orange door above attached to someone's holiday house, and convinced my boyfriend to take a few ninja snaps of me in front of it - but we quickly got scared away by the barking dog of the people who own the house (and also discovered they were eating lunch just inside - oops. Run away!)
So we then had to adventure elsewhere for photos.
This pinafore skirt is another great score from the country-town thrift stores I visited the other day. Also, it was listed in the "teens" section, so it was only $3! These pretty berry-coloured socks were another awesome score from the same shop for 50c. Even though the heat wave from the other day more-or-less subsided, it's still pretty hot outside - so I kept my outfit very simple, pairing my vintage finds with a t-shirt and black boots from Asos.

tshirt - Forever 21
skirt - vintage
shoes - Asos
socks - vintage
hat - c/o Wholesale

Wandering around the beach, we also came across these guys. I had to put a photo of some real life kangaroos up for all my overseas blog followers - normally we don't actually have kangaroos hopping around all over the place, and I hardly ever see them either, but these guys were happy for us to come up close.

So did you know that computers have started to be able to make jokes that are almost as good as my bad puns??

The following joke was written by a computer:
What do you get when you cross a fragrance with an actor? A smell Gibson!
Alright, so it's a pretty terrible joke, but the fact that it was written entirely by a computer and that it makes some kind of sense is actually pretty incredible to computer scientists. Humour is one of the more challenging tasks for computer scientists interested in creating artificially intelligent machines, being full of abstraction and ambiguity and also dependant on context and timing. The computer that produced this particular joke is called "Stand Up", and was created to help kids with language disabilities increase their verbal skills.  The scientists hope that being able to make jokes is one step along the way to creating computers that can have natural-feeling, flowing conversations with humans. Read more about Stand Up here.

Hope you're all having a beautiful day,


  1. :OOOOOO KANGAROOOSSSS!! My heart just melted from their cuteness.

  2. Kangaroos! They're so cute! And the computer joke is right up my alley. I can't make myself be cool enough not to laugh at wordplay jokes.
    This pinafore you thrifted is the cutest ever. I love how you've worn it with a simple t-shirt. Your boots are great too. I've been wanting a pair like that!

    1. Hahaha yay! HEY. We are cool because we laugh at those kinds of jokes...
      Oh! I didn't put the link for the boots up. They're from here if you want them.

  3. What a cute bag!! You will be the best dressed scientist I know! :)


  4. Kangaroos!!! They are awesome, thanks for making us a gif!

  5. What a great style you have! and your hair, beautiful!
    And then these Kangaroos, amazing animals!!

    Do you want to follow each other with gfc?
    Come and see my blog and let me know :) Of course I follow you back. (great inspiration to read your blog)

  6. oh the bag is just the cutest little thing ever! i also love the door you are standing next to in the first picture, very modern and neat!

    lindsey louise

  7. These pictures are amazing! You look lovely, and I adore that owl bag.

  8. What cute photos. I'd hate to have photos taken outside someone's door too- I'd be afraid that they'd open it!


  9. Ahh Kangaroos! They seem to be very beautiful.. The bag is so cute ^^
    You're lucky, seems to have many beautiful places in Australia.. Here has .. And you too a boyfriend who likes to shoot, unlike my sister, who starts a war when I ask to photograph my outfits ~_~
    Ah put the outfit "Bambi, The Sugarcubes & Heat Wave" on my blog, with credits:

    1. Oh no, my boyfriend doesn't like taking photos at all either hahaha. He starts a war about it as well ;) I wish I had a blogger to take my photos - they understand!
      Ohhh and thank you so much for featuring me on your blog again!

  10. how amazing that you see a kangaroo randomly, I Am SOOO Jealous.

    Ps. you look stunning!

  11. Aww, the kangaroos are the cutest! I absolutely love your rhyming title--you're too cute! Your bag is lovely and your hat is awesome too. Your hair also always seems to look perfect as well(: Bargain shopping is my favorite and I always enjoy reading your posts. The computer joke is kinda funny considering a computer made it too!

  12. This outfit is gorgeous, not something I'd normally pick out tbh but seeing it look so nice o you really makes me want to give it ago! Can't believe you saw actual Kangaroos! Living in England I don't generally see them hoping around the fields all that often.....
    I am also having major hair envy right now! How do you make it wavy? Is it naturally like that?
    I'd love for you to come have a look at my blog!
    Alexandra Lauren Rose

    1. Special secret tip - it's not my hair... I wish haha.
      This is what my real hair looks like - not nearly as luscious:

  13. So beautiful, I adore your outfit!

  14. I love everything about that bag

  15. this is a very nice photo series, love it!
    x Hannah

  16. You are so gorgeous!! I love these pictures. Also, ummm... kangaroos, whaaaaaat? Awesome!

    It kind of creeps me out that a computer came up with that joke. AI gives me the heebie jeebies. I've seen Blade Runner too many times.

  17. We're is your purse from? I love it :3 x

    1. It's off ebay! It was about $5. Just search "fox purse", you should find it ;) I don't have the actual link anymore :(


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