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Little Red / A Little More Fake Science

Today's post had two purposes other than just being your run-of-the-mill outfit post. One was to test out my teeny little netbook's capacity for photoshop - this is the baby computer I'm going to be taking overseas with me to Japan, and I wanted to make sure I'd be able to blog once I'm over there! And it was successful! (although it did take me about a bajillion years longer to edit these photos).
The other purpose of this post was to test out my gorgeous new cape coat from Oasap! I'm also planning on taking this overseas with me, so that I don't freeze my butt off. I tested it out today because it's wet and very cold here (I told you Australian weather is completely mental). I think it will do the job nicely (although it's impossible to wear a backpack while wearing this coat unless I put the backpack under the coat and become a hunchback - which is slightly annoying. I guess you can look forward to a whole lot of hunchback shots of me from Japan, because this is the only coat I have!).

cape coat - c/o Oasap
skirt - Wholesale
tights - Wholesale
shoes - Rubi shoes

Seeing as I got such good feedback on my "false science facts" post the other day, I'm going to do a similar post! Side note: don't feel bad if you thought some of these were real - I'm not intending to make anyone feel stupid! (And I've believed all of these at some point as well.) The point I want to make is that humans are easily fooled - and using science and our critical thinking facilities we can sort the right from the wrong :)
Here's some more false science facts that you might have heard of before (thanks again, Snopes)!

- Gum is indigestible, so if you swallow it then it'll stay in your stomach for 7 years - FALSE
Chewing gum is largely indigestible, but you shouldn't freak out too much if you swallow it - it'll just pass through your digestive tract at the same rate as any other food, but remain largely intact on the way ;) (yeah, gross).
- Blondes will be extinct within 200 years - FALSE
This pops up in the news from time to time on slow news days (and you can replace blondes with redheads as well), and it's not just a recent myth - this has been circulating since the mid 1800s. It's basically a misunderstanding of genetics, recessive genes and statistics that leads to this myth popping up again and again. Put basically - this becomes plausible only if no one in the world wanted to have babies with natural blondes, ever again, including blonde people themselves.
- Rubber tyres protect you in a car during a lightning strike - FALSE
I freaked out when I read this one, thinking "I'm not safe in a car in a storm??" But cars are actually quite safe in a lightning storm - turns out it's not the tyres that make you safe. People think rubber tyres are what's protecting you because they don't conduct electricity, but in fact it is the highly-conductive outer metal shell of the car. If lightning hits the car, the metal shell picks up the lightning's discharge and deposits it straight into the ground, bypassing the car's inhabitants. Phew!
- Getting a hair cut stimulates new growth - FALSE
Doing anything to the hair that's already on your head (the cells are all dead) has no effect on the living section of the hair beneath the skin. A good hair cut might make your hair feel healthier and thicker, but fresh hair is going to keep growing at the exact same rate it was growing at regardless if you've got long and scraggly hair, or nice and newly cut hair.
It's just an illusion that makes it seem like your hair isn't growing as fast if it hasn't recently been cut, because the hairs become thinner at the ends (and can also break off if you dye it too much like I did, heheh).

Hope you're all wonderful :)

p.s. Image of woman blowing a gum bubble above is by Joseph Sterling (Age of Adolescence)


  1. Oh I love that cape. Perfect for the cold (weren't you saying you had a heat wave in Sydney just recently? what is going on? Typical Australia) So glad you can blog from Japan, and we can follow along, I'm definitely going to be living vicariously through you. And also, your comment was so lovely and quite helpful. My plan is to study biomedical science at melbourne uni, but I don't want to rule out other states, you know? :D

  2. Love the science facts! And you are looking gorgeous as always - very jealous of that adorable cape! I'm actually looking forward to the cold - so over this summer!


  3. australian weather sounds a lot like texas weather!

  4. ahhh Annika you look particularly lovely in this post! I love your coat and your hair is so cute!

    Also, the false science facts were an incredible read!

  5. Your hair looks great here and i LOVE this science facts!
    Good to hear you're going to be able to blog from japan (:


    Teardops Are Falling

  6. It's true about the hair! Mine seems to grow a lot slower now, but that's because it break off all the time... Very nice cape, although make sure you have some long sleeves to cover up your arms! It's quite cold here too actually. And I love your natural hair! x Jade

  7. Your outfit is so cute; you're the Little black riding hood !

    I like these fake sciences facts hehe. I also thought that blondes will disappear, because I heard that the brown genetic is more "powerful", so if a dark haired man and a blond haired woman have a baby, the baby has more chance to get dark hair.
    But there are some amazing cases; there is this story about a baby who was born from white parents, but his skin was black ! The explanation was that far far away in the previous generations of the mother, there was Africains. I think genetic is something totally incredible, and there are so much things to discover about it :)

    Oh, by the way, I've read your comment on my blog, thank you ! I accept of course that you use my pictures; I'm really glad about it, thank you so much !! :-*


    on Couleur Spleen.

  8. love love LOVE your outfit!!

    Francesca xo

  9. You look so pretty! I love that cape!


  10. your shoes and cape are the prettiest! love!


  11. I had no idea cutting your hair didn't actually help haha, oh well it certainly does make your hair feel much better :) Love the cape, it looks super cosy x

  12. I love capes and unfortunately I found the same problem as you! Sometimes I forget I'm going out with a backpack and I have to leave my lovely cape at home. :(
    I actually thought the last rumour was true. My hair didn't seem to grow this fast when it was long, but it is probably just an illusion.

  13. Your coat is beyond lovely :)) Love the new facts, I didn't know this one about hair growth so, yet again, thanks for sharing :)


  14. So strange to see your real hair ;)I love the cape as well !

  15. Love the cape, you are so pretty and I really love your hair!

  16. Super cute cape coat! :)

  17. wow these facts are awesome to read, thank you for sharing!
    you look so cute wearing this poncho <3

  18. that cape is adorable and i love that you paired it up with those shoes, you look so cute


  19. You are the cutest! :) And I don't know where I've been, but your short hair is supadupa cute. :D When are you going to Japan!? I need to do some reading, because look at me--all behind!

  20. These facts are really cool. And so is your outfit! Warning about he coat, though, depending on where in Japan you're going, and what time of year you're going, it may not be enough. I could be wrong, but keep an eye out for another, warmer coat, just in case.

    I can't wait to see your posts from Japan. :)

    1. Heheh, yeah, I'm thinking it might be wise for me to get another coat! Or at least, I think I'll probably be buying one as soon as I'm there! I just have absolutely no concept of what the weather is going to be like, it's been too warm here in Australia!

  21. You look just darling! I love your cape, such a classic piece!

  22. That cape coat is unbelievably gangster, hopefully they'll have a 75-100% off sale on it because I need one like humanity needs to break its dependence on fossil fuels and wage slavery or something.

  23. Love love love the cape! Even if hunchbackiness is the price, I'm sure you'd rock that look anyway. Could you wear a cross body bag with it or would that just leave you with only one arm?

    I knew the tyre + lightning one was false (thanks Top Gear!), but I'm glad to know that the gum thing is false too! When I was little someone told me that if you swallowed gum it would get stuck in the appendix which would then get infected and you'd have to have it removed before it blew up in your stomach. Scary!

  24. You looks so much adorable, i really miss your natural hair on outfits photos lol
    The coat looks so beautiful, i need one.. And the shoes, shirt, so much cool!


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