Friday, 4 January 2013

Intergalactic - another dimension

I found the best thing on ebay the other day. Planet stockings! Being in a nude & black print, they're also a lot different to galaxy printed tights, which I feel have been a bit overdone. I finished off my outfit with some blue lipstick in an attempt to look all "spacey" (why I equate blue lipstick with outerspace I am not sure. Maybe it's because alien babes in B-grade sci fi flims often wear "wacky" coloured lipstick to signify their alien status, or maybe because the cold of deep-space has stopped my blood circulating. Take your pick.)

tights - Ebay
dress - c/o Glamorous
shoes - Label Shoes c/o Chictopia
necklace - Wholesale
hat - c/o Wholesale
lipstick - Etsy (My Beauty Addiction)

So I don't ever talk about the fact that I spend a LOT of my time reading science fiction novels.
There we go, I'm even nerdier than you all probably thought I was.
So as my little science segment today, I thought I might share with you some of my science fiction picks.
Most of them I own in ebook format so I can't take photos of them. However, these books are all good too!
I usually go for science fiction books which are based on real science, or are at least scientifically plausible. I often can't stand the type of science fiction books that are full of aliens who look a lot like humans and especially when they inexplicably speak English too. Or movies that do away with physics, and science is equated with magic (yeah I'm one of those annoying people who can't sit through a movie without saying "but that couldn't work"). So, basically, my favourite science fiction books are less dragons-and-aliens fantasy and more "sciencey" science fiction. (Although in saying that, I will still forever love Dr Who and Star Wars.)

I'm currently reading (or about to read):
WWW.Wake by Robert Sawyer - the main character in this is also, fittingly, a young blogger
Singularity Sky by Charles Stross
Blackout by Connie Willis

I highly recommend:
Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
This Other Eden by Ben Elton
The Ugly Series by Scott Westerfield (technically for teenagers... and the first time I read it I was a teenager. I've read it several times since and it still rocks).
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
Oryx & Crake by Margaret Atwood
The Singularity Series by William Hertling

Also I had to post a photo of an unexpected and extremely thoughtful gift I received the other day from Christine (the owner of the amazing Flapper Girl).
They're cards! Science themed cards! Thank you so much Christine, you're the greatest. There is definitely a lesson to be learnt in telling everyone what you're into, over and over again - you end up with the most awesome gifts :D


  1. Ahhh, you love Oryx & Crake? I love you even more now. ♥

  2. I love the blue lipstick!


  3. ugh those tights are amazing! i love how you've paired them with the blue dress!

  4. this dress has amazing colour.<3 i love it.

  5. I'm so jealous that you have the guts to wear blue lipstick. And that dress is beautiful!

  6. omg girl i'd have never imagined you listen to BB :D great taste!
    also from what you wrote i guess you don't like Star Trek? what a shame!
    anyway this dress would be really cute for a unicorn-themed outfit :3 hahaa sorry for my weird imagination, keep on with your amazing outfits!

    1. Actually, I'm a bit of a liar - I quite like star trek and reaaaally like star wars and dr who too, so I'm not really a militant "everything must be science" kind of person at all haha. I just prefer it when I'm reading :P

  7. ahh amazing colour scheme! I just found your blog and your style is so inspiring. <3

  8. I'm reading Oryx and Crake at the moment, I love Margaret Atwood, have you done The Year Of The Flood yet? I read that first, which has kind of confused me as the are slightly related, but I would recommend it to everyone! Also, love Hitchhikers, I think I have watched every adaptation of it ever (but the British tv show is still my favourite). Love this outfit, and your spacey lipstick xo

    1. Yeah!! I have, but I read oryx and crake first. It would be interesting to read them the way you're doing it though because technically you are reading the story in the right way - chronologically! Margaret Atwood is one of my favorite ever authors.

  9. I love those tights!
    If you like science fiction then I thoroughly reccomend "Do androidss dream of electric sheep?" By Phillip K Dick or (if you can get a hold of it) "Tiger Tiger" by Alfred Bester. Two classic and often overlooked sci fi novels.

    Also on the subject of The Highhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: a trilogy in four parts have you listened to the original BBC radio play? The books were written by Douglas Adams afterwards and so the story varies at parts and is well worth a listen!

    1. Thanks heaps for the recommendations! I've read heaps of other Phillip k dick ones - The man in the high castle was pretty good - but I should read that one, it being the classic That inspired bladerunner and all! I've never listened to the radio play either - i think my dad has it on vinyl though! Xx

  10. I love the lipstick on you!
    And I just ordered a pair of those tights :P
    Can't wait to wear them :D

  11. that dress and those tights are absolutely stunning! i'm in love! the lipstick really balances it out, too. i find unusual coloured lipstick looks so strange on some people and can really be used incorrectly quite easily, but that's not the case with you!

  12. ahhhh I love your intergalactic tights!

  13. Oh the outfits is amazing! I like the lipstick ♥
    So one thing .. I saw the books you read, seem to be good, but I prefer something between romance and action, with bits of an engaging story.. I do not like science :P
    It's something that I consider respectful.. Since I can not see beyond you a fashionista who loves science.. (:

  14. I'm so in love with this outfit! I love space/alien themed ensembles, it's just so fun!

    And thanks for sharing some of your sci-fi reads. I've been looking for some good science fiction books lately, and now I have a few to add to my list! :)

  15. Those tights and that lipstick and just incredible. Your style is always perfect. x

    <3 Melissa

  16. Yay! I'm so glad you love your cards! I made those when I was learning Photoshop :)


  17. DANG GIRL that dress is seriously so perfect on you!

  18. Love your blog! :)

    Follow for a follow and new CHANEL GIVEAWAY COMING SOON to my blog and must be following :)

    Twitter: @Rueabbey

    love always
    - S Xx

  19. Love the galaxy tights!

    I don't really like those with galaxy prints in color actually. Maybe it's just me but this pair of nude tights is a cute take on the trend in my opinion.

    Uglies series is one of the favourite series I had read. I'm still waiting for some progress on the Uglies movie though. Sigh.

    1. THERE'S AN UGLIES MOVIE IN THE WORKS!!!?????!?!?!! Oh maaaaa gawwwwwwd! I must have read that whole series about 5 times over (including extras). Probably about once a year haha. You don't even know how much I love it!

  20. You look fantastic in blue... Heavenly, yet avantgarde! Love it. You really can pull it off.

  21. I love your reading list, and thanks for the recommendation. :)

    From what you're reading, you might also like 'Cinder: Book One in the Lunar Chronicles' by Marissa Meyer. It's a fun take on the Cinderella tale, Cinderella is a cyborg in the future.

    1. WOW I can't believe you commented on my blog, you're one of my favourite authors!! And by the way I am really looking forward to the next book in the singularity series - I can't wait for it to come out, the teaser for it was very compelling.
      And thank you so much for the book recommendation, I will definitely try it out!

  22. Great post, love those stars and planets.

    And now I kinda want to write sci-fi...

  23. absolutely stunning :D you have great style :) xx

  24. I LOVE LOVE this outfit!!! Thous tighs are awesome!

  25. Love this post and outfit! If you're a sci if lover than you definitely check out the Xenogenesis series by Octavia Butler. Hands down, the best sci fi I've ever read.

  26. Those are the coolest tights and clearly you are the perfect person to wear them with a love of sci-fi!


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