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Alice in Wonderland / Creepy Chemistry

For some reason when I put on this black Abhair wig, I want to dress up like a character from childhood stories (see my Snow White post from a week ago here). Well, it's happened twice now anyway, haha. I owned this beautiful illustrated Alice in Wonderland book when I was little and read it so many times, and it lended itself nicely to this outfit post with my awesome new illustrated Alice in Wonderland tights!
I made these lace cuffs for my Japan trip so I can instantly cute-ify any socks I buy while I'm over there. And I'm wearing these gorgeous lolita platforms from Topb2c again. I'm a bit obsessed.
(Also sidenote: Topb2c is running a deal at the moment, to get 8% off use the code topb2c8 and to get 15% off - if you're one of the first 100 to use it - use topb2c15.)

dress - c/o Sheinside
tights - Ebay
shoes - c/o Topb2c
socks - Vintage
wig - c/o Abhair

So Alice in Wonderland was full of some pretty trippy chemical reactions - pebbles turning into cakes, etc (see what I did there? I'm great at these segues into science... haha). Here's two amazingly weird chemical reactions, and a little explanation about what's going on behind them (thanks to Kailey for sending them to me!)

Simply mix two small quantities of hydrogen peroxide (what you use to bleach your hair) and sodium iodide (this is a salt, you'll need to add water) and a little bit of soap. And then back right away.
The sodium iodide speeds up the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide. As hydrogen peroxide has the formula H2O2, when it decomposes it breaks down into water and oxygen. The crazy-looking reaction is caused by the oxygen blowing up the soap bubbles in the solution as it escapes.
You can even DIY this chemical reaction using these instructions!
This creepy reaction is done simply by setting alight some mercury (II) thiocyanate and watching it go. It's what's known as a decomposition reaction, but the whole reaction is a little lengthy to type out here, so if you want to know the specifics then have a look here. And I don't recommend doing this one yourself... it's particularly toxic at just about every stage of the process.

This is proof that chemistry can be ridiculously cool (and creepy)! Do you know any crazy chemical reactions?

Much love,


  1. you are beautiful!!! I love how you are such a girly girl, but still love science!!! (I also fall into that category, hahaha) Let's keep defying those stereotypes!!! :D

  2. hey, I forgot to ask... what draws you to japan? It seems like you're also interested in different cultures... which would be another thing we have in common.. ;)

    1. I'd like to know who you are, anonymous!
      But I fell in love with the place last time I went. My boyfriend is (or was) the one who really wanted to go to Japan, and so I went with him last time not knowing what to expect.

      And now I'm going back because it's the most incredible place.

      It's got to be the food (I am a bit food-obsessed), the fact that everyone dresses way out-there without worrying what other people think of them, the friendliness of all the people which has a lot to do with the high population density, the fact that it's really clean but not in a fetishistic, sterile way (it's still cluttered, just hygienic), and that the city is alive and buzzing at all hours of the night (again, a side effect of high population density). And theres about a million other things too. Have you ever been?

    2. And also heck yeah, that's what I like to hear - yay for us girly girls who love science :)

  3. Love your outfit like always..and that a nice accessories for socks! :D so pretty..haha, what a reaction. If you only scroll through it, you will only see, what the heck is that! So weird!! X___X haha..

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  4. Do you have any recommendations for must do/must see things while in Japan? My bestie and I are planning a trip and I'm Sergio excited but I'm afraid we won't take full advantage of the awesome.

    1. Yes!! So many. Shimokitazawa, Koenji - for the vintage shopping, Odaiba, the trick museum, kichijoji's amazing pubs, shibuya 109, Disney sea, asakusa, harajuku of course - and this is just Tokyo. If you're following my blog for the next few weeks I'll be blogging about the places I end up visiting though, which I'm sure are going to be awesome. I hope!

  5. you look so cute. i love the outfit with the sock and heel combo! totally adorable. and the chemistry reaction is pretty awesome, particularly the mercury one, its super creepy, but awesome! :)


  6. Ooh those are great experiments! My favourite flashy experiments are levitation by Meissner effect

    and the boat floating on a heavy gas trick:

    1. Ohh! I finally understand super conducting materials!! I have a friend who has tried to explain that to me so many times and I just didn't get it, haha, thank you!

      Heheh I think I saw the second one on mythbusters. Those kids are way cuter though ;)

  7. Those tights of the coolest. I have to admit I've never read the book of Alice in WOnderland but hope to one day. I've seen all the films of course. And that elephant toothpaste one is the funnest. It made for one of my favourite chemistry classes the day we did that one :D


  8. I just adore these so very much, how amazing are the tights.
    You look stunning, I love the how outfit and he "cuteness" of it, what a beaut xx

  9. love your shoes and tights
    just way too cute


  10. Those tights are so gorgeous! Wow!


  11. Reaction of lead nitrate and potassium iodide:
    And then....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8qnaq6Ehc8
    In my opinion, they should do more experiments this cool in elementary and high school, kids would be so much more interested in science and chemistry.
    This one is pretty cool, it looks much better live, but I couldn`t find better video then this one:
    I loved doing this in chemistry class, and it is not that dangerous when you have the right equipment:
    I have done so much cool stuff by now, I can`t even remember! If you have any doubts about chemistry, feel free to ask :D

    1. WOW!! My chemistry teacher at uni has actually shown us the first one, but the second one is so beautiful! I agree, schools really should do cooler reactions (and explain better why they occur) - I thought chemistry was the most boring thing in high school.

      And the last one is so cool. I'm jealous that you got to do that ;) Wahh now I'm a bit sad that I am not doing any more chemistry classes at uni! Just biochem... and everything is done in teeny testtubes (although seeing DNA is pretty damn cool too).

      I will definitely ask you if I have any chemistry questions!! Thank you! :D

    2. Yeah, while I was isolating DNA I was thinking the whole time: "This is not going to happen, I am just a girl mixing some solutions and using centrifuge, there is no WAY I am going to isolate and acctualy see DNA" and *poof*! I was amazed
      When I was deciding which way to go after high school, top two were chemistry and molecular biology, so I am sometimes kinda sorry I didn' t go that way.
      Well depends which part of biochemistry, you have some pretty cool stuff there including some enzymes and fluorescent colors:)

    3. That's true, and gel electrophoresis is always very pretty!

      Haha yep, sounds like me, I was so excited when I managed to see DNA. And pulling it out of a solution after precipitating it was just about the coolest thing ever :) and I also remember everyone going "ewwww DNA looks like phlegm!"

  12. You look so beautiful, and I'm loving the dress!!
    Taking note of the elephant toothpaste, looks so funny! xDDD

    Girls that glitter love the dark

  13. Making cuffs for your socks is SUCH a good idea! I have one pair of black socks with lace cuffs but never considered making my own...something I should really think abut doing actually seeings as if managed to lose one of said black law socks! So annoyed.

    Alexandra Lauren Rose

  14. Wow that video... Oo
    Love the leggings though :D

    xoxo Yanna

  15. I hate chemistry. My mind is too small to get this hah :DD. But I still love these facts you write and after all chemistry looks interesting ^_^
    I love like everything about your outfit here. This dress is just fantastic. It's something between smart girl and sexy girl which make it perfect. These tights are also super cool but your shoes just rock the world <3

  16. Your tights are simply amazing! And they work so well with your beautiful blue dress, I just love this look so so much!


  17. Oh my goodness, those tights are AMAZING. My roommate is obsessed with Alice and Wonderland. Birthday present idea!

    ooo! Japan, when will you be heading there?


  18. Excellent Alice in Wonderland tights! If you ever wanted I could buy some fabric paint and design some for you dearie! I draw and paint too! And thank you for sharing such cool toxic chemistry experiments with the blogger world! I'm sure you're one of the only cool bloggers that do that :) Sweet shoes and cuffs too!



  19. oh my god is the experiment officially called Elephant's toothpaste? I've always thought that was just crazy idea of our chemistry teacher :'D we've done this like million times in class

    i love your shoes btw :3
    Stella's Ice Age

  20. hey it's the girly scientist (wannabe, I've still gotta get to college, I'm a junior in high school) again. I've never been to Japan, but I have visited family in Korea quite a bit... I like it there... oh, and when I go to college, I will actually be able to have an official web presence.. my parents don't let me facebook or anything, hahaha....

  21. stunning, wonderful, fabulous, etc....
    just for you ^^

  22. I've been wanting those tights for the longest time but they don't ship to the states... I want to cry XD I have family in Japan (great-grandma's sister's family... I'm not Japanese though hah)I really want to go over there sometime in my life and I love your style so much ohmigod o-o

  23. OMG! Those tights! Pretty sure I need them now :)


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