Friday, 30 January 2015

Hong Kong Travel Vlog #2

I stumbled across this incredible part of Hong Kong the other night - a total vintage-lovers, kitschy, DIY-er's paradise! While I had only planned on showing this area as a small segment of one video, as I explored it and realised how amazing it was, I decided that it needed to be its own entire video.

The area encompasses Granville Road and Kimberley Street in Tsim Sha Tsiu, Kowloon. I hadn't heard about this particular area in any of my research for cool places to visit in Hong Kong, hence my reason for really wanting to share it!

I hope you enjoy the video!

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  1. I love your sparkly shoes and those patches are so cute!!!

  2. That thrift shop! And that gingham dress! Ah! Gorgeous.
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  3. that looks amazing, I would love to visit Hong Kong!

  4. That place looks amazing! I'd love to explore Hong Kong someday <3 Looks like you're having a great time ^__^ And I might just have to make a cute gingham dress like that for myself! haha

    Also, MTB?



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