Thursday, 8 January 2015

DIY City Skyline Tee | Make Thrift Buy #13

This particular make thrift buy challenge reminds me of a project I made way back when in 2011, when galaxy t-shirts were all the rage. Now this isn't really something I would wear myself, but that's not the point of this video series - I aim to try out pretty much anything you send me! In fact, I just made the pinterest board where I store all the suggestions that are sent in public, so that you can vote on the ones you would most like to see me try out :)

So, did this particular one work out... or not? Have a watch!
Much love,

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  1. i think you might be my hero.

    I always avoid video blogs/vblogs/whatever?! And even thought I've read your blog for AGES, still never watched one (i'm sorry) but i did today and I love them!!


  2. Aha I loove the alien apocalypse scene :') might have to try this when I have time in the summer or something, their unicorn ones are sooo cool <3

    The Quirky Queer

  3. Love the spontaneous alien apocalypse!!

  4. Alien apocalypse t-shirt FTW! Love it! So creative!


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