Sunday, 11 May 2014

Sunset Boulevard | Print Your Own Make Up

Dress is Hell Bunny | hat is Vintage | shoes were found on the side of the road | ring is thrifted

Hey you guys! So is anyone else completely as obsessed with polka dots as I am, or is it just me? Every single time I go op-shopping, I end up with an armful of anything I've found that has polka dots on it, basically regardless of what it is. I then have to force myself to remove things like giant polka-dot pants that I'm "totally going to resize into cute shorts" (because I know that I never, ever will). It's seriously becoming a problem - yesterday I was wearing a white polka-dot bodysuit underneath a black polka-dot pinafore with polka dot socks (a stranger actually commented on my outfit and said it made them really happy, so, whatever, head-to-toe polka dots for the win!)

In case you didn't see it yesterday, I've uploaded a new youtube video! Stick around 'til the end for a blooper reel ;) I'm enjoying making videos so much lately that I keep doing it instead of my uni work, which is a little bit problematic! I'd also love to get an idea of if you guys would like to see things things like outfit/lookbook videos - let me know in the comments!

"We're going to live in a world where you can just take a picture on your friend's lipstick, and then print it out."

Fusing fashion and science, Grace Choi claims to have created the prototype for a mini-3D printer that can print makeup in whatever colour you want. With this product, called Mink, you can apparently take any image - for example, someone wearing an amazing lipstick on pinterest - select the colour from the image, and the Mink printer can 3D-print you that exact colour of lipstick (or eyeshadow, or foundation, or any type of make up you want).

Not only is this a cool application of science, it's also going to allow for a lot more make-up experimentation, regardless of whatever coloured make up products are trending. As Choi says, "The definition of beauty is something they [referring to us "young people"] should be able to control, not our corporations."

Choi estimates that a Mink printer will cost about $300 to start with - but if you're someone who buys a lot of expensive make up in multiple different shades, and you can replace this habit with something that can print you whatever colour makeup you want, it's pretty quickly going to be a money-saver.

Now before you all get too excited… I’m skeptical about the actual production of Mink and whether or not it’ll be available within a year (and for only $300!) as Choi has predicted – and it’s also quite mysterious as to what the “raw materials” themselves will be made of. But regardless as to whether Mink works out or not, I think that something like this is totally possible. I mean, we’re currently also working on the technology to print out houses, food, limbs and organs. ORGANS. How hard could makeup be compared to that?? I recently wrote a much more in-depth analysis of Mink at Birdee magazine, which you can read here.

[Thanks to Katie for the photos.]

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  1. I feel like it's the beginning of a post-scarcity economy, which is unbelievably exciting.

  2. Whoah that's insane!! It's gonna cost a fortune-- lol! Alex

  3. Yeah I still don't understand the whole Mink thing.. What ingredients will be used/how toxic or natural can they be? How will you be able to print shimmer vs. matte? Control opacity? I'm very curious to see how this will work. But its an interesting idea for sure!

    1. It'll be really interesting to see how they can find compounds that can be both printable and wearable, and preferably non-toxic, haha! So interesting. I can't wait to see what happens!

  4. Makeup printing sounds awesome! Can't wait to see where that invention goes.
    Also you look completely gorgeous in these pictures. That dress is wonderful. You can never have too many polka dots!

  5. You look amazing- I wish I owned more polka dots but I'm so fickle I need the perfect dots :)

  6. omg this is dress is so beautiful <3 i love hell bunny <3

  7. Ahh you're so gorgeous!

  8. That idea is so amazing. I don't think I could still afford it, but its so fascinating to see this tech coming out! Also, you look lovely as always. I'm swooning over all the beautiful photos with golden hour light <3

  9. I love this outfit of yours so much! Your arms look so toned! I am trying to work out my arms, but they only seem to get larger *____*

    Anyway, this idea is intriguing... yeah.... organs. UMMMMM ok.


    love, polly

  10. I was wondering about the whole Mink thing because the pink that she color-picked from the photo didn't quite match the pink that actually printed and I'd like to know what exactly the materials are since I know I'm allergic to some pigments. Either way, it's a great idea!

  11. Your polka dots make me super happy too! I love these shots, especially the fourth one down.

  12. PRINTING MAKEUP. I love the future. I have said it before but I will say it again - LOVE that dress and you look fantastic in it!

    Kirsten |

  13. I actually wrote an article about this after reading your blog. It's for a course and so it has a totally different angle, but thank you for the inspiration (:

  14. I knew this dress, Hell Bunny right, which i didnt really liked apart from its color.
    But these photos are so great With that sun set that i find i like it better now.
    In a Nutshall, i just loved your blog i found here and I'm gonna follow you right now dear!
    Love from Paris,

  15. I'm also obsessed with polka dot X_X. And food print. And mint colour ! I love your dress, and all your outfits ! I've found this blog just after having watched all your videos !
    I was looking for people who love crafting and sewing to share my passion ! I started a blog too; but... weel, it is not as good as yours ! I will follow you ! :)
    Charlotte from France !


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