Wednesday, 18 December 2013

We'll Go To Very Distant Lands / The Human Story

Crop top is handmade | Skirt is handmade | socks are from Japan | bag is thrifted | shoes are c/o Yeswalker

Hooray, golden hour photos are always the best! Although, being at a beautiful beach never hurts for photo-taking, either. I've escaped to the beach for a few days to finally relax after my crazy semester of work in the laboratory. And as there is a sewing machine at the place I'm staying, I brought a whole bunch of fabric with me to make a new summer wardrobe - however my own clothes-making kept being delayed by a very assertive two-and-a-half year old who insisted I make her a dress first (I couldn't say no, she's way too cute). However, I did learn from that experience that my smock-dress pattern definitely works for different sizes, which is good to know!

Tomorrow, I will be posting the DIY tutorial for this crop-top (it's all written up and ready to go, I promise!) So come back tomorrow if you want to learn how to make a crop-top of your own. Follow me on facebook or twitter if you want to know as soon as it's posted.

P.s. did anyone catch where the title of this blog post is from? ;)

I love a good science video - especially one which is short enough for my youtube-attention span (seriously, if a video is longer than about 4 minutes I don't even bother). Starting from the big bang to the formation of stars and planets, the development of single-celled organisms to the age of the dinosaurs, the domination of furry mammals to human beings with satellites and buildings - in one minute and 37 seconds, using the best of our evidence and scientific consensus, this is how you got where you are right now, sitting in front of a computer reading a fashion blog and contemplating your own existence.

p.p.s. my new Birdee article is up! I'd love it if you had a read!

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  1. I love these photos! You look amazing, and I love the color scheme. Making me miss summer over here...
    (ps adventure time)


  2. Gorgeous!
    The color scheme is gorgeous.

  3. just pure adorable
    and that is one pretty top! looking forward to see the tutorial :)

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  4. Beautiful photos, and you look so lovely and carefree. I want to be on the beach!

    xox Sammi

  5. amazing top. wish i could do somthing like that.

  6. omg, do you really have such amazing weather there? i'm so jealous!
    i love your outfit, especially the socks <3

    weirdoland -

  7. I just found your blog via pinterest via mod cloth via google and i'm so glad i went to the (semi-stalkerish hah!) effort. This and the smock dress are now at the top of my diy list. I will definately be coming back for the tutorial tomorrow :)
    xo Caitlin

  8. I love that you're passionate about fashion and science.

  9. those lovely photos make me I wish it was summer again in Europe x)

  10. These pictures are gorgeous and having me longing for summer! I'm loving that crop top that you made - so cute!


  11. Golden hour beach photos really ARE the best! You look so beautiful and youthful wearing your little denim swing skirt!

    Xo, Hannah

  12. Where did you get your bag it's gorgeous :)


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