Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Lizard People & Extremophiles

Guess where my awesome new lizard-print shirt is from. Some fancy boutique? A reptile museum gift-shop? Nope, guess again!
In fact, it's a boys "ages 8-9" shirt that I got for $3 in an op-shop the other day. This is a reminder to any thrifty people out there that you mustn't restrict yourself to your own clothing section when thrifting! Whenever I go thrifting, I always make sure to look in the children's section just in case I find something amazing like this lizard shirt. And apparently, apart from the sleeve length, I am a perfect fit for a boys size "ages 8-9" anyway so I guess I should shop in that section more often, haha.
shirt is thrifted | skirt is thrifted | socks are from a market stall | shoes are no longer for sale

Prepare to be amazed by the toughest creature on Earth - a teeny tiny (and quite adorable) little creature that is known as an "extremophile", meaning that it can thrive where most other creatures can't - such as in volcano vents, super hot temperatures, or under extremely high pressures.

Some theories of the origins of life on Earth include panspermia - that life originated elsewhere, on another planet, and traveled to Earth through space with the help of a meteorite - and extremophiles, some of which are able to survive in the freezing vacuum of space, give such theories credibility.

Have a watch:

I hope you're all having a great day!

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  1. So so so gorgeous!


  2. this look is amazing! the black lips suit you well! I love your top & shoes the most.

    extremophile animals are very cool! I watched a documentary about a bacteria that lives in ice not too long ago.

  3. That shirt is too good to be true <3

  4. Amazing top! I love that you can wear shirts from the boys' section! And I love the yellow skirt :)

    xox Sammi

  5. That is amazing! I had a superman tshirt I got in the boys section years ago, so I know what you mean. These days the presence of boobs kind of makes that impossible... lol. However, kids shoes - totally works for me and my tiny feet!

  6. I also find the coolest things on unexpected stores :p those shoes girl *-*

  7. Ultimate outfit goals!!
    Too much speculation, I concur with said theories; that, most undoubtedly, life originates from the beyond... in outer space. And these 'Lizzard People' bring to mind the Draconians or 'reptilians'.
    ♡ Dulce

  8. Ahhh this is such a great outfit! And what a great find, too, wow!


  9. oh my, can I just say that blouse is the coolest thing ever? I'm so much loving the print!
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  10. Whaaaat I just made a biology work about extremophilies! Feeling so nerd when surfing over the net like WHAAAA OMG THESE ARCHAES ARE SO AMAZING ::D The beauty of science!
    And as always, gotta love your outfit.

  11. Oh man this shirt. It's amazingly cute and awesome and I think I need a dress made in that print. What a great find and a great bargain too! It looks perfect with your yellow skirt.


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