Thursday, 26 December 2013

Harajuku / False Science 3

Dress is Chicabooti (last worn here) | socks are from Daiso | shoes are c/o Yeswalker | bag is DIY | hat is thrifted

Lately I've been getting super nostalgic for Japan, rereading my Japan travel posts, stalking the website Tokyo Fashion and exclusively reading Zipper magazine every night. My outfits have been a reflection of this, with this outfit in particular being inspired by Harajuku girls and this Zipper model.

A trip to a new Daiso Japan in Sydney (mainly to look around and pretend I was in Japan, although I did also buy the socks in this outfit) only made my longing for Japan even stronger! As a consequence, Luci and I have been eating all the Japanese food that we can, including frequenting a ramen restaurant called Ichi Ban Boshi - has anyone else been there? There is inevitably a queue every single time we go, and we always make sure to get the quintessential Japanese drink - melon soda! If you live in Sydney, and have never been, you absolutely need to go. It's also right next door to Kinokuniya, where you can get a bunch of different Japanese fashion magazines (but don't anyone dare buy the Zipper magazines! Those are mine ;) ).

So, as is the case at many an extended-family gathering, Christmas being no exception, someone will invariably spout some kind of ridiculous received wisdom, a so-called "fact" which they have entirely neglected to think critically about, such as "we only use 10% of our brains" or the wonderful "water has memory". Things which would be fantastically interesting - if they were actually true. In these occasions, Luci or my immediate family often literally have to restrain me from going "UM ACTUALLY THAT'S NOT TRUE, THIS IS WHY" and making everyone feel bad by being the science grinch (I feel a stong affinity with Tim Minchin in Storm).
So posting this video today may possibly be a way of releasing some of this frustration without causing a family drama. But it's also an awesome video. 
Did you know that the Great Wall of China certainly can't be seen from space, and that even though veins are blue, the blood in your veins is actually red?
I also wrote about a bunch of scientific misconceptions back in this post if you want to have a re-read!

I hope you're all having an absolutely gorgeous day,

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  1. great dress. I really love it! :)
    Irene Wibowo

  2. LOL I LOVE THE VIDEO! Thanks for clearing all that up :)

  3. oh I miss Japan terribily too.. :(
    but you look super ahdorable in this dress!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  4. I adore the mesh paneling on the dress. (⁎ְְ⁍̵̆ᴗְְְ⁍ັ̴⁎) Oh, the dreaded 10% misconception. I question whether or not some people's frontal lobes fully develop when I hear this. ( ̄ー ̄) The spider portion of the video gave me absolute chills despite liking spiders. ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽

  5. i especially LOVE the mesh panel on your dress! the panda bag is super adorable too

    xo Sarah

  6. I love your outfit! It's super cute and adorable!
    I wished that there was a Daiso near where I live.
    If there was, I'll probably be there everyday.

    ♡ Yu x

  7. Awesome Xmas and cool pics
    Loved <3 :D You're very good

  8. You kill me when you talk about Japan ;_;

  9. Love that dress! And I love your socks even more!! So cute!

  10. Haha sometimes I feel like a science grinch too. I just don't like people spouting things that are untrue!
    But anyway, this dress is so cute on you. I love the sheer mesh back. I bet it's perfect for your summer right now!


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