Thursday, 7 November 2013

Who Stole The Milk Maid's Outfit? + New Human Body Parts

dress - c/o Romwe (way back) | socks - Clear It | blouse - thrifted | shoes - JuJu Shoes

So I'm justifying all my recent clothing purchases by "but it was on my ethical store directory! I should proooobably review it if I haven't already bought stuff from that store!"
The latest item to succumb to this "justification": these Juju Jellies. I thought that they were great (and looked amazing) until I tried to walk the 15 minutes uphill from the train station to my parents house last night whilst wearing them - where my choice of shoes inadvertently turned that short walk into an excruciating 35-minute hobble. This is because while the heel isn't so steep, the slight decline causes my pinkie toe to be wedged into a very uncomfortable position into that last cut-out before the toe-cap of the shoes. I thought my pinkie toenails were going to be black and bruised by the time I got the shoes off. Maybe I just have weird feet, or tiny pinkies, and I'll try to remedy the situation with some kind of soft foam on the insides of my shoes. Because while they're uncomfortable to walk in they're also BEAUTIFUL and I don't want to have to part ways with them! I think that these would probably be more comfortable.

So did you guys know that we're still discovering body parts?? As mad as it sounds, we are still learning about the basic anatomy of the human body, and finding things that we didn't already know existed. This new human body part is called the "anterolateral ligment" and is a ligament in the knee. People have suspected its existence in the past, but it's never been defined or definitively said to exist (meaning, it hasn't been something knee surgeons are taught about) until now.

That's like knowing there is a vague large mushy shape in the chest that beats occasionally, but not knowing that it's a heart (and having chest surgeons argue for years that it doesn't exist). Alright so it's not as important as a heart for life, but allow me this analogy.

I might be popping in here less frequently over the next 2 weeks while I finish off my exams and write up my giant scary research report! Wish me luck! 

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  1. That outfit is AWESOME! I love everything about it. Your hair too. Wow.

  2. Good luck with your exams!
    You really didn't have much luck with shoes lately:/
    I have kinda the same problem (except mine are boots, it's late fall here) :)

  3. You are super cute and I love that scalloped collar. A lot of shoes give me blisters, but for some reason jellies don't!
    In my anatomy class we learned about some muscles that only some people have, how cool is that! There's one in the back of the knee. Also that like, 1 in 18 men have a third nipple that may or may not be disguising itself as a freckle. Who knew.


  4. OMG i have the same problem with all shoes :( It's really annoying. I always get the achilles skin pinched = blisters, and the small toes squished = blisters. :( :( Makes me sad that I can wear so many trendy shoes ahhaha

  5. Such a cute outfit, and I unfortunately had a similar experience with the Jujus I ordered a while back. The sizing was off for me, but when I finally found my correct size, they were super uncomfortable. A shame, since I have such a fondness for jellies!!

    xox Sammi

  6. Those shoes do look amazing! Unfortunate that they're not comfy =/

    The human body is incredible. It's not quite as unexplored as the depths of the ocean, but there's still so much to learn about how it works!

  7. i love everything about this outfit. recently you feature flare skirts/dresses. i love them so much!

  8. Ahh I have the exact same problem with my Jujus!

    I thought it was my weird feet but I'm glad it's not just me.

    Top tip is if you wear them with bare feet and they start to stick and rub, a bit of Lanacane always helps, haha!

    Lovely outfit, as always

  9. I'm actually considering to by juju jellies as they look amazing and remind me of lolita for some reason <3

  10. First of all, love the look. Second, good luck with the final paper and all that, college is in my past, but it still haunts me sometimes, so I remember the terror of long research papers (If only I could forget my thesis paper)

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  11. Every time I read one of your posts I see something that reminds me of myself. Last time it was your explanation of science, this time it is that I actually go to the University (KUL) that discovered the new ligament (I am a PhD student there) and second the Juju Jellies that you bought are manufactured in my hometown. Feels like fate that I should be reading your blog :)

    1. Hahaha, wow. That's scarily co-incidental. We're all connected :D

    2. (plus, i totally had blue hair a while back)


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