Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Take a Step Outside

"Go on, take a step outside. It's a whole other world out there."

The second illustration from the "Annika is totally learning how to draw" series, haha. Today I was sick, so I ditched study and spent the day working on this instead. I wish that I could just transfer my ideas straight from my brain to a computer without the intermediate of my hand/drawing tablet, but this one happened to turn out pretty much as I imagined it in my head, so I was happy!

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  1. I like that you have close to realistic proportions, :).
    Well, closer to my proportions than most bloggers who draw represent, haha.

    For starting off, you're doing well! Just practice, practice, practice, and you'll maybe not be able to represent *exactly* what you see in your head, but you will be able to get much closer. :D. I used to be not-so-very-good, and now I'm at least decently above average.

    (also totally random question, but could you explain the retrieval process of memory...particularly, what might make it go wrong? You just have a way of simplifying these concepts, and I really should be studying for my biopsych exam but...:/.)

    1. Thank you so much :) that's really encouraging! I want to post these attempts here so I can get some help + feedback, because I have literally no idea when it comes to drawing, haha. I am going to practice drawing SO MUCH over the next few months though - I can't wait for my exams to be over and done with!

      Now, memory. Ah. Um. Hmm.
      I am trying to retrieve all this stuff from my own brain because it's been a while since I've done neuropsych stuff.
      I may have to look at my old notes on this - if you're studying biopsych and memory, you probably know that recognition memory is a LOT more efficient than recall memory ;) right, right??

      Long-term memories are most efficiently retrieved when you are given cues - whether it be a particular word, a smell, or visiting a particular location. Memory retrieval is best, for instance, if you study a list of words in a particular place, then return to that same place to be tested on the word list (as opposed to going to some totally different room). Thus, it is best to study in a place that is most similar to where you are going to be doing your exam ;) Explicit cues like deliberately learning mnemonics, and implicit cues like context/priming are both ways that long-term memories can be retrieved from the brain.

      And the things that most make memory retrieval go wrong...? Well lesions in the hippocampus (where short-term-memory and working-memory is consolidated into long-term memories) are definitely a problem - I'm sure you've learnt all about HM (Henry Molaison) if you're studying biopsych! He is the best example to use for problems in memory retrieval. I don't remember studying much about memory retrieval going wrong, though I'm not sure if it counts because he's not actually FORMING these long term memories in the first place!

      Long term memories don't "degrade" as such (according to the most recent theories), but they are competed with by other memories. Particularly the closer in similarity the new memory is to the old memory. So that is probably one of the main things that make retrieval go wrong in normal human brains.

      I hope that helped a little bit, AH it's been such a long time since I've done this! if you have something slightly more specific that you want to know about memory that'd be helpful heheh :) this is really me just spewing up all I know (or remember) about memory!

  2. I like this a lot - great concept plus her hair is lush!

  3. Drawing from memory is really hard, so what you've done is really good.
    I personally find the psychology behind drawing really interesting. The reason why some people are 'better' at drawing than others is mainly down to the fact that when we learn to draw as children we use 'preset shapes' to represent objects. For example when drawing a house a child will typically use a square as the building, with a triangle on top as the roof, and a rectangle as the door. The idea is that anyone can draw really well if they get over these 'preset shapes' that have been programmed into our brains. In my art class we've been drawing with our left hand and upside down, as the brain is then forced to look more at the object in front of you rather than the lines you're creating on the page, and this is actually surprisingly effective ;)

    1. I'm sorry if this doesn't make any sense, it's been a long day confined to my desk

    2. It makes heaps of sense! Ah, that's really really interesting! I definitely have "preset" shapes in my brain, I think haha. I'm going to try that out. Thank you :D

    3. (always love a little bit of psychology mixed with art)

  4. I like it! You are obviously very tallented and have some great ideas :)

  5. I love her cute chubby thighs and the shadow cat :)

  6. I love this! The hips! The underpants! <3


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