Friday, 11 October 2013

Little Bo Peep DIY Dress

So it has come to that time of the year where I really need to start studying my butt off. Naturally, that means I start becoming extremely creative and productive in anything other than university work. Freckles and Ginger was last night's bad influence (whose instagram feed you need to follow if you're not already), who made me remember just how easy making dresses is. I free-handed this dress (meaning no pattern, I just made it up as I went along, woo hoo!) last night, and I'm so extremely happy with it! I think it's the best dress I've made, which is pretty good seeing as I haven't made one for over a year!

Also, I know this outfit totally goes against what I said in my last post about dressing more maturely, but I reserve the right the contradict myself. Anyway, I've changed my mind about that. I'm going to dress like a little kid if I want to - I'm never going to stop loving cutesy collars and prints, so why banish them from my everyday attire for fear of people judging me on them? That's just silly.
dress is handmade by me, socks are c/o Sock Dreams, blouse is thrifted, shoes are from Rubi Shoes and I forget where I got my necklace from.

I hope that you're all having a wonderful day,


  1. Annika, this dress is so. good.


  2. I can't believe you freehanded it, incredible! :)

    I don't think I'll ever grow up, especially when it comes to what I wear.

  3. Loving the minty color and textile pattern of Bo Peep... not to mention the collar of your blouse is darling! Absolutely precious, over all. :]

    ♡ Dulce

  4. This is beautiful!! The fabric is a dream, and I cannot believe you did it without a pattern or anything! Also, I'm glad you've changed your mind a little about the not-dressing-young thing. I absolutely adore your style, and if YOU love it and it makes you happy, then who cares about anything else?

    xox Sammi

  5. So. ADORABLE. And impressive that you free-handed this!

    Now all you need is a sheep to lose :) ("Little Bo Peep, she lost her sheep. . .")

  6. So adorable! I absolutely love it! You are extremely talented!

  7. I cannot believe you made this beautiful dress, darling! You are so talented!

    Xo, Hannah

  8. It's official, you are way too talented for your own good! And I don't think there is anything wrong dressing like a kid, it's so cute. You look great!


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