Sunday, 27 October 2013

DIY Floral Pinafore, Zigzag Legs & What's Eating You?

Pinafore - DIY | shirt - c/o Sheinside | tights - c/o Tabbi Socks | shoes - Asos (warning!)

Remember when I showed you all this skirt about a week ago? Well I decided that I was going to turn it into a pinafore. I'm still not sure whether I like it better than the skirt, but I have plenty of fabric left so I can always make another one. I could even make a matching shirt, dress and headband and wear them all together and look like a crazy person who really, really likes floral patterns - I'm not going to do that, but just saying - I have a lot of this fabric left over.

To make this pinafore, follow my instructions for making a circle skirt here, and if you get that far, you can probably figure out how to cut out three rectangles to make into the front of a pinafore and the two straps! (I might put a DIY up here one day as well).

Now, I'm also obligated to do a little review for these zig-zag tights I'm wearing. Kindly sent to me by Tabbi Socks, they are made in Japan (by this factory; I do my reasearch now).
Firstly - oh my god they're cool. They are this gorgeous olive-green colour (I don't think the photos do them justice) and the zig zag pattern is just perfect - subtle but quirky.
Secondly, the material is very different to normal sheer tights - probably has something to do with them being over 50% cotton - because they're extremely sturdy and don't feel like they'll ever rip or get ladders in them. I love tights that last for more than two wears.
Third - they're incredibly comfy. I've been wearing them constantly the last couple of days at uni so that my legs didn't get too cold in the air conditioned buildings!
You can buy a pair here (and make sure you have a look at their other designs while you're at it - how sweet are these ones?)

Here's some horrific science facts for you guys, just because it's halloween. Enjoy :)

You have mites living on your face. They’re called Demodex folliculorum and they look
like this:
Image source
and no matter how much you wash your face, or wax or pluck your hairs, they will STILL BE THERE. Because they can live INSIDE YOUR PORES. But don’t worry, they’re harmless and natural - and just love the taste of your skin. Yum.

If you’re not already feeling uneasy, then picture your bed for a minute. Reading this in bed? Even better. Comfy, crisp clean linen sheets, and... dust mites, most likely. Dust mites that like nothing better than to mate and defecate all over your sheets and inside your mattress. But unless you’ve got asthma or are allergic to them, they won’t trouble you. Still, you might want to wash your sheets once in a while.

Ahh, barnacles. Harmless, passive sea creatures, right? Not if you’re a female rhizocephalan barnacle. Having grown up on a rock, when a male crab passes them by they’ll shoot  themselves inside their bellies and inject their own cells. They’ll feed off the the crab’s food, and, when the time is right, explode their eggs out of the crab’s bellies. Not only does this make the crab sterile, but the barnacle also alters the crab’s body and brain chemistry so much that the crab now thinks that it's a female. The eggs attract a male rhizocephalan who fertilizes them, and the brainwashed crab continues to treat the eggs like its own offspring, caring for them and releasing them into the sea when the time is right, to go on an infect a whole new generation of crabs.
Image source
If you’re still not feeling squeamish, why don’t you think about the fact that 90% of
the cells in and on your body are not your own? Or even better still - for every single human gene in your body, there are 360 microbial genes. Genetically speaking, that makes you 0.27 % human. Your body plays host to an enourmous number of microbes - bacteria, yeast, viruses... but don’t worry. Most of them won’t do you any harm. In fact, you wouldn’t be here without them. They help us digest our food, they teach our immune systems to spot dangerous invaders and they also make chemicals to fight off bugs that could make us sick.
Image source
Let’s talk about anglerfish sex. *Gasp* you say, *sex isn't meant to be scary!* Well, you probably wouldn’t want to be a male anglerfish. When they’re born, male anglerfish don’t have their own digestive systems. So they need to find a female anglerfish very quickly. When they meet, the male anglerfish bites the female, makes a hole in her body and burrows inside. The male then wastes away, becoming nothing more than a lump on the female containing sperm - so when the time is right, her eggs can be fertilised, making another generation full of male anglerfish destined to a life of servitude!

What about the end of the world? One day, other catastrophic astronomical events notwithstanding, our sun is going to die in a spectacular way, taking with it the Earth and the other planets in our solar system. So not only will you die one day, but so will every trace of you, human culture and civilisation over the entire course of human history. While that's pretty macabre, keep in mind that if stars never exploded, or expanded into all-consuming red giants, we never would have existed in the first place.

And maybe there would still be some trace left of human civilization after our sun explodes. Even if humans never manage to explore and colonize other solar systems, we sent the Golden Record into space some 40 years ago and it has recently left the solar system. Maybe, one day, an alien civilization will stumble across it and spare us another thought. Well, think about the fact that someday, the entire universe is going to end. Whether it'll happen with a big freeze, big bounce, big crunch or a big rip, physicists predict that absolutely everything we know (and don't know) will eventually come to an end.

Happy Halloween!

p.s. If you need to cheer yourself up, why not enter the giveaway I posted earlier today? ;)

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  1. YEP. I'm thoroughly creeped out now haha.
    Thanks for that -sarcasm- ;)
    On another note, how did you sew that pinafore without a pattern?! I may just force you to make a DIY tutorial :P.

    1. Make a skirt, then cut out a couple of rectangles! You don't need a pattern because you just hold them up to yourself and go "yep, that looks about the right size". And the straps are just two very skinny long rectangles, pin them onto the skirt, adjust, and sew! easy peasy :) but yeah, I'll have to do a tutorial when I finish uni for the year because it probably isn't all that self-explanatory haha.

  2. While I cannot read the part about crabs and still sleep tonight (ick) I just have to say those tights look amazing on you and your dress in gorgeous. Such a lovely lady :)

  3. Love the pinafore and the science part as well, even though it creeped me out, I enjoy reading about those things, super!! Love the tights...I found your blog through Vintage Style it, very wonderful. Have a great week ahead xx

    Kizzy @ The Dainty Dolls House

  4. I thought that skirt looked familiar! I love those tights a whole lot. Just something about them!
    Not gonna lie, I had to just skim your science post today, lol. Freaky stuff!!


  5. I'm actually allergic to dust mites. Too bad :P. It's better than being a brainwashed crab, though. Love the pinafore! Already planning to have a go with it soon.

    1. Hahaha yes, at least dust mites can't get into your brain! Those crabs are the creepiest things, aren't they??

  6. Yesh, just thinking about mites gives me the hebejebes.
    On a positive note, your pinafore is oh-so lovely. :]
    ♡ Dulce

  7. Pinafore is really pretty, I like that pattern very much!
    I don't really get intimidated by those microscopic creatures, but I can't lie that reading this made me a bit uncomfortable in my just-washes-so-fresh sheets :)

  8. I scrolled past most of the creepy after reading the first couple facts--I can only take so much! V. cute socks, and they look great with the pinafore!

  9. I wish you could teach me how to sew because you are so incredible with doing your outfits <3 By the way I already knew some of these facts but since I was sitting in my bed while reading them I felt weird :D
    Chamomile Dealer

  10. Jaw dropped. Seriously IN LOVE with your floral pinafore.

    Xo, Hannah

  11. You are so incredibly talented! I really love the pattern and the pinafore is amazing!


  12. I made a pinafore dress a bit like that one from a maxi skirt!


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