Saturday, 5 October 2013

A Pocketful of Posies

Dress is from Lady V London (made in London), petticoat is from Ebay, bag is from Italy, shoes are from Yeswalker, socks from Tutuanna.

Photos are by Ana Andrés.

The sweetest little old lady came up to me and hugged me on the bus while I was wearing this dress, and I think that's the best compliment I could have gotten. When I'm a (hopefully) cute old lady, someone please remind me to hug random well-dressed people - it's basically the nicest thing ever.

New Scientist recently created an interactive map of all the "Earth-like" planets in our galaxy. These are "habitable" planets - planets that may not be exactly like Earth but could probably host life. Extrapolating from a small section of sky that Kepler has been searching for the past four years, New Scientist has estimated that there are 15 to 30 billion Earth-like planets in the Milky Way alone. See the map here. And you can also read my posts about the potential for alien life existing in our own solar system here.

Have a great day,


  1. I love your dress, with the white frilly lace underneath and the white socks with the shoes! Your look absolutely adorable!
    And that is adorable, it's the nicest feeling to receive compliments from people, its even nicer seeing people's happy faces when you give them out too :3

  2. Not gonna lie, I think I'd be a bit freaked out if a stranger hugged me on the bus haha!


    1. Well, it was okay because she was just this teeny tiny old lady with the wryest smile. I couldn't not let her hug me haha.

  3. So sweettt :) :) Is that the biggest compliment you've received? :) I love it!

  4. Ahhh! Old ladies have the best taste, and if one likes you, that must mean you're awesome! (New reader obviously xD)

  5. What a sweet story! Love the dress <3 Alex

  6. That dress, actually, the whole outfit, it just so beautiful!

  7. You are such a doll Annika <3 I love your hair color so much I might actually go for a similar color soon, hope you don't mind :)
    Chamomile Dealer

  8. awww that's so sweet. Getting nice compliments from elders is the best thing.
    Love this dress, different from your usual but it suits you very well, you look so pretty!

  9. You look like a doll, and omg, I love that that sweet old lady hugged you!!

    xox Sammi

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  11. Love the dress! And that planet map really reminds me of the map from Treasure Planet~

  12. gosh, so in love with this dress here! paired with the shoes and socks, it's perfect!

    lindsey louise

  13. You look so pretty I love that dress. And it's matching your hair color, which is awesome :D

  14. Getting compliments from random sweet ladies is the best. I got one yesterday in the subway and it made me feel happy and pretty lol

  15. I love this outfit! The petticoat is perfect, and the hat tops it all off.

  16. Oh my goodness this dress is STUNNING! I love the bright colors and print!

    Xo, Hannah

  17. The whole outfit is simply adorable from head to toe! You look beautiful.

    Hugs from me,



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