Friday, 13 September 2013

Spring Fling / Meeting Minute Physics and Asap Science

dress is c/o Modcloth, cardigan is Forever 21, bag is thrifted, hat is wholesale.

Today I remembered that I entirely forgot to post these shots! Which is great, as I've packed away my tripod and camera for moving house tomorrow, (eek, tomorrow?? I really have to pack my clothes)!

Before I get back to packing up, let me quickly tell you about this outfit. These photos were taken on the first day of Spring in this beautiful dress from Modcloth. I'm trying to rewear the "older" stuff in my wardrobe a lot more, and I can't believe I had neglected this dress for so long (in fact, the last time I wore it was on the first day of Spring last year!) For shame! It's got such a gorgeous vintage cut and the super-bold print of sunflowers is magnificent.

Today's science story also happens to be some exciting Annika news - please indulge me. And possibly also get jealous. About a month ago, I met the brains behind minute physics (Henry) and asap science (Gregory and Mitchell), whose videos I have featured countless times on this blog before - see here and here for example. I also managed to also palm off blog business cards to them both, though I don't know if they've ever had a look! I met them because they were in Australia for the IFLS Live show (to which I missed out on tickets), but they had a "meet up" in Sydney beforehand to which I enthusiastically attended with about 3 other fans - and then awkwardly said hello because I didn't actually know what they looked like, seeing as their videos mainly feature their hands. They were all such lovely people, though, and my housemate and I chatted to them for almost an hour!
Real-life proof that I met Henry (left), Mitchell and Gregory (right).
Here's a couple of amazing science videos from these guys.

Firstly, asap science aims to destroy any notion that what you see is really real. (I recently made a very similar post about the illusion of reality).


And this is a favourite video of mine from minute physics, which I posted about nearly a year ago now in relation to this pink dress, about how the colour pink doesn't physically exist.

I hope you're all super dooper fantastically well,

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  1. I wish I was passionate about science like you are.

    I adore your purse.

  2. You are the cutest cutie!
    That's so cool that you got to meet famous (youtube famous at least) people!


  3. oooooh that dress is so gorgeous! And you're adorable! I really appreciate all of your science posts. Even though I'm horrible at any actual science, I do enjoy learning random scientific facts, and I love seeing you so happy and passionate about it! It's such a great thing you're doing. :)

  4. That dress is very cute! The second video made me crazy, it's great that you share them with us :)


  5. That dress reminds me so much of Van Gogh :D

  6. I love the print of your dress, its so cute!! xox

  7. the dress is so pretty <3

  8. I found your lookbook and I just fell in love with your style - you have so many amazing clothes and you wear them in a really unique way!
    I'm totally a new follower <3

    my weirdoland -

  9. Hey girl!
    I never really comment on blog posts or whatever, but I just wanted to say that I read your posts religiously and I'm such a humongous fan of yours! I love all things weird and wonderful in the world of science too, and I just love the way you manage to combine your two loves so effortlessly in all of your posts. I just love you! <3
    Please don't stop posting. EVER.

    Scotty Hollywood | Kitten as a Cat

    1. This was the nicest comment ever in the world to get :'D

  10. wow Annika, I am so much loving the print of your dress, it's perfect! :)
    also, I'm super happy for you, so glad you got to meet people you admire so much!
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming


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