Friday, 12 April 2013

Guest Post: Smarts and stereotypes need not kill your style

Hey guys, how's it going? My name is Style Killer - I'm a girl from Canada and recent graduate with a Bsc in Psychology (aka neuropsychology nerd- I love the human brain and what it's capable of) who is hopefully going back to do her Master's in the fall...oh yeah, I'm also a fashion blogger. 

There are two things that always surprises people when they meet me. They are, that for someone who loves fashion and beauty (and all that fun girly stuff) as much as I do: 1) when it comes down to it, I'm really just one of the guys (I can crack crass, inappropriate jokes, watch football and drink beer with the best of 'em); and 2) that I work in a non-creative, fairly conservative and intellectual environment. Because of this, I am no stranger to being asked why I am as interested in (read: obsessed with) fashion, as I am. I'm actually surprised that I get asked this so frequently because really, I don't see why loving to play dress-up and having fun with my appearance has to put me into a category or associate me with certain other types of things/people...I guess maybe I'm just surprised that no matter how progressive society is, people still tend to think in terms of stereotypes, when it comes to certain things.

I am all for going against the grain and allowing yourself to define who you are and who you want to be, instead of letting stereotype and societal norm dictate. It's frustrating the looks and raised eyebrows I get from people in my professional/academic world when I say that I have a fashion blog...they're actually the same looks I get from people in my fashion world when I start describing a shirt pattern as resembling sulci & gyri. People who are so wrapped up in their one world and who let that world define them sometimes can't see that it's ok, and perhaps even commonplace to let different worlds collide and thrive either separately or together. There doesn't need to be a reason why scientists can't be fashion bloggers, the same way that an elite athlete could be really into cake decorating- it does not have to be a church and state issue!

Keeping this in mind, imagine my amusement when I came across an article on that talked about online traffic trends, the relationships between different topics...and made specific mention that physics and fashion were correlated! Don't get me wrong, I love science (hell, I took it in university because I love it so much), but even I was a little shocked at the idea that the same people who were searching the internet for physics papers were the same people reading fashion blogs. Even more so (both shocked and amused) when I found Annika's blog and how she fuses both science and fashion together- something I could totally relate to and get excited about. That just goes to show you though, anyone can be interested in anything, no matter their job, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or other interests. I love that both fashion and science are entities that unite people of all different backgrounds and can be used as a tool to break down all those other barriers that exist.

That being said, what does a neuropsych nerd/fashionista who works in a non-creative, fairly conservative office look like?

xoxo SK

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  1. I was doing work experience at a dentist's and somehow I got to showing them my fashion blog. I really hate loving fashion because it's so materialistic and superficial but I really do enjoy blogging. And much to my surprise they were all very impressed with me like I did something really cool xD
    You get tons of fashion bloggers who are in art, media, marketing etc. but not so many who do science. The link between science and fashion is what makes Pineneedle Collective really connect with me and I love how it draws in other scientists who are also into fashion.

  2. I love this post! I work in an academic field too (education) so people are surprised that I'm as into fashion as I am. I think people expect all fashion bloggers to work in a creative industry.


  3. I love this post! As a lover of stylish, fantastic, fanciful outfits, and a person who refuses to go to the corner store unless I'm proud of my clothing...I'm super happy that this blog (& this guest post) exists. People are always surprised when they find out I'm not an art student (I'm planning on a dual Psych/Geology major, or else Psych and Computer Science).

    I wish that people in the sciences didn't automatically appear to turn their noses up at me unless I look like I'm so casual I feel uncomfortable [seriously, jeans don't happen unless I'm going to the ER], and I wish that people interested in style/fashion could be more open minded towards things beyond their horizons. Obviously, this isn't universal. But it is highly prevalent, and so I love that Annika combines both worlds so brilliantly. :3.

  4. I think it's important to show your fashionable side if you're interested in fashion - why hide it away? :) Great photos, I love your look!

    Much love,
    Jennifer x

  5. Awesome! I'm right there with you. I am getting my PhD in pharmacology, and while I wouldn't say my lab is conservative, I have definitely gotten my fair share of odd looks at my outfits. I actually think going against the grain a bit has made me more self-confident and sure of who I am. I'm not doing/dressing/reading/etc something because I am "supposed" to - I do it because I want to!

    Can't wait to check out your blog. The world needs more science-y fashion blogs!

    - Hannah
    she could be a pharmer in those clothes

  6. Hello Style Killer (if that is your real name). You seem really cool and I wish to follow your blog immediately. Good day.

  7. I don't usually let my scientific world and fashion blog world collide, e.g. I don't tell people from either side about the other, so I think it's crazy brave that you do.
    I totally know what you mean though, I don't tell the neuroscience students I work with because I feel I will get judged as superficial, that it will detract from my academic achievements.

    L. Figment

  8. Interesting I too am working on my undergrad in psychology as well as biology! Although I've received my fair share of weird looks outside of academia as well. Merely walking through town or eating out. I think this is because I live in a very conservative part of the United States. I think many people out there just have different quirks. After all that is what being a nerd is about-- being intellectual and having a very narrow hobby only you are interested in (and where I live fashion really is one). Well I wouldn't say fashion is on the same level as collecting model airplanes, making star wars fan fiction or taking hours on perfecting your dungeons and dragons character sheet.. maybe in a way it is. :D

  9. Love it! Nerdy girls gotta look good too ;) That correlation between science and fashion is really interesting, never would have thunk it!


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