Monday, 8 April 2013

DIY Comic Print Cropped Tee (recycle an old top)

You guys. I shouldn't be posting on my blog. I'm supposed to be moving out of home on Friday - that's why I asked for guest bloggers to submit posts the other day.

But it seems that whenever I have something important to do, my brain goes "let's make a DIY!" or "let's make a magazine!" or something equally as ridiculous and non-important to the thing I'm supposed to be focusing on.

Anyway, this happened, and it can't be undone. Plus, now I'm all excited to blog about it  because it turned out so well. I'm sure you've all seen these kinds of shirts around lately:

I decided that instead of buying one, I would make my own (because it's freeeee!)
This is what to do if you want to make one for yourself!

- an old top
- fabric pens/markers
- needle and thread/sewing machine
- a printer (if you want to use a computer design or my stencil)

1. Cut your shirt to make it cropped. First, put it on so that you know where to cut it. Then put 3 fingers below this line, and cut there instead (trust me, you'll accidentally end up with a shirt that is way too teeny if you don't do this. I thought I was leaving heaps of extra fabric on mine, but this was the first cut!). Cut the bottom of the shirt off in a straight line.

 2. Hem the raw edge of your shirt. To do this, you just fold the raw edge of the shirt up inside the shirt about 1 inch, and sew all the way around.
Now if you just wanted a plain cropped tee, you could stop here! But if you want to add a design as well, then read on...

3. Make your design on a computer, or hand-draw it. I made mine on photoshop. I also made this particular design available to download if you want to use it (click here).

4. Print out your design. Cut out the shape on the inside of the black line (you will see why in a moment).
5. Place your design onto your shirt wherever you want it to sit. Make sure you pin your design on (to the front part of the shirt only) to stop it from moving around.
6. Place a piece of paper/newspaper/anything inside the shirt to stop any ink from transferring to the back of the shirt. Then, carefully trace around your design using a fabric marker, making the outline as thick as it was on the printed-out design.
7. Remove your paper from the fabric. I then also added a lightning bolt and coloured it in with a yellow fabric marker, because I accidentally made a mark above the "K" and it was annoying me too much.
8. Run an iron over your design (or whatever it says to do on your fabric markers) and you're done! 

Now dress up like an undercover superhero:
shirt - DIY
shorts - a DIY project from way back
shoes - Bodyline

Now, please promise you will all YELL at me if I make any more blog posts over the next week before I've moved  (excluding my lovely guest-posters, of course. Don't yell at them).

p.s. don't forget I've got two giveaways running right now!

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  1. oh my gosh you're hair is looking super cute!! Like you are kind of making me want to cut my hair like that. :3 Also this is a really fun diy. Hopefully I'll put it to good use this summer!

  2. Omg this is so cool! If you keep posting amazing DIYs there's no way I'm gonna encourage you to stop, moving house or not. ;) And you look super hot. x

  3. Absolutely love this! Lately I have been obsessed with crop tops so this is perfectly timed *__* NOW GET BACK TO WORK BB! <33

  4. wow this turned out so amazingly well! :D

  5. Oh my gosh, this is too cool!


  6. This is such a great DIY! Yay for procrastination! The best photoshoots with my roomie always seem to happen when we have a lot of work - especially if the weather is nice! Good luck moving!


  7. Haha I love your photos! Definitely goingm to try this out, as I.m in my testweek, near my final exams, so I feel your pain!

  8. Oh my goodness, Annika, you are such a cutie!!

    Now get moving, missy!


  9. omg this is amazing! I love your DIYs as they are easy to read and understand which you don't find with many DIY instructions so thanks :D and you look insanely cute XD xx

  10. awesome DIY! will try this when the weather brightens up


  11. what a cool idea! this is amazing i might just do this! thanks for sharing! :) you look so adorable :)


  12. You are so cute! I love your hair <3

    Xo CeeCee

  13. My brain is the same way, haha. I love this top! Definitely on my diy to-do list.

  14. This is really cool Annika. I will make mine with BOOM!


  16. Downright awesome, now go move.

  17. This is so cute, definitely going to have to try this! Xx

  18. That's a cool idea! I love superhero shirt :)

  19. I would just like to say thanks for a tremendous post. Please do keep up the great work.

  20. This outfit is perfect! Love it.


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