Friday, 22 February 2013

Yokohama / Plaid Love / Molecular Circus

*Sigh* I'm now officially back in Australia. Leaving, I felt like I was five years old as I couldn't keep from dissolving into tears every time I looked around at my surroundings and thought about how much I would miss it. More than any place I've ever been, I feel like I really belong in Osaka and Tokyo. For one, I never feel like a weirdo walking down the street in whatever outfit I've chosen to wear that day, plus everyone is just so so nice. My Japanese improved a great amount just being there for a month, and I now feel like moving there one day, for a year or so, is a plausible option for my future.
Anyway, enough of that - this is an incredible vintage dress that I bought from Shimokitazawa (the best suburb in Tokyo - please visit if you're ever there) for $10, and these pictures were taken in Yokohama, which is just outside of Tokyo - and a billion thanks to Ron from Dresses on a Clothesline for being our virtual guide to Yokohama city!

dress - Vintage
tights - c/o My Tights
clips - DIY (handmade from epoxy resin)
shoes - Rubi shoes

I am going to be doing loads of posts over the next few days! (I still have a number of outfits from Japan that I have yet to blog about!) Thanks for being patient with my less-than-frequent posts whilst I was travelling.

I'm still pretty tired from the aeroplane so I'm just going to leave you with an awesome link as my science post today. After being featured on the Scientific American's Incubator blog (which was really, really exciting), I discovered a blog called The Molecular Circus, a science blog whose posts include The Chemistry of Cake, How Alcohol Gets You Drunk and a regular feature called "Entropy Kitchen" which gives you a recipe and explains what's happening to your food on a molecular level while you make something delicious!

I hope that you're all super dooper well and happy!


  1. Aww I felt sad that your leaving Japan when I read this post! I hope to visit Japan one day also!

  2. I loved your posts from japan especially the one from the cat cafe.As always a beautiful outfit. I love the lipstick what a great colour!

  3. Oh my goodness your outfit is amazing!!!!

  4. i am so glad you had such a wonderful trip! i would love to travel there someday! i also am in love with this plaid dress, it is seriously so perfect!

    lindsey lousie

  5. I love all of your outfits, but this one takes the cake for me!!! Green! Vintage! Plaid! Can you tell I'm excited? Your DIY heat clips are the perfect finishing touch. I have loved going along on your journey with you through your blog, it's always hard coming home!
    xo Hannah

  6. That dress with those heart clips looks flippin' amazing.
    Also I feel like in Japan you really do have
    more freedom of what you wear :/
    Some days I feel so out of place when I walk around
    in the streets or just at school-- I mean it's
    nice to wear what you like and let your own personal
    style grow but sometimes I suppose it does get lonely
    when you're the only one all dressed up in vintage clothes
    with cute little accents and patterns.

    1. That's why we blog I guess ;)
      It is amazing being in a place where everyone is so well dressed though, and it feels like people are actually appreciating you making an effort as well!

  7. I'm so glad you had a great stay at Japan, and I know the feeling, I was only a week and cried so much in the airplane knowing I'd never go there again.

    I love your dress so much, it's really beautiful! Can't wait to see more photos from your trip!

    Girls that glitter love the dark

  8. I love that dress :) Maybe I should go to Japan... (I can't, but never mind)

  9. No way, it's already been a month ? I have the impression you left last week !
    Well, don't be sad, the purpose of travelling is to come back to your country with stars in your eyes, lot of good memories and this impression that your life has been filled with something new. You come back richer than the day you left :) (richer inside I mean, we never make money by travelling, unfortunately !)
    And it's great if you have discovered a place you belong to ! It's rare, so if you've found this place, for sure you'll go back there if it's your wish.

    Your outfit is extremely cute; you look like a little japenese girl at school !

    Kisses from France,

    Couleur Spleen.

  10. I hate that feeling when you get back from somewhere amazing. I felt like that when I left America. Sad times! Still, if you get to live there, I'm sure you'd have a wonderful time!


  11. that dress is so cute, and for 10$ it's incredible, you're lucky!
    You look adorable as always

    alice c'n'r

  12. I'm in love with your dress. This is just perfect <3

  13. This one of my favourite outfits I've ever seen you wear. It's so preppy and cute! Welcome home, all of your posts have lead to me now having the huge desire to travel to Japan. One day, I guess...

  14. I think I have actually fallen in love with your dress, the collar is amazing:) xxx

    If anyone wants to check my blog out, I know its annoying always leaving a link!!

  15. what a beautiful vintage outfit i love it so much ;)

  16. Annika, glad to hear you returned safely from Japan and had such an amazing time. Their street fashion is amazing especially in Tokyo and your lovely new dress reminds me of the cute Japanese girls out there!

    Zoe xxx

  17. I cried A LOT when we left Japan too, and every time I watch videos I made, especially this one I turning into a bawling blubbering baby. There's something about living there that never leaves you.

    1. I have so many videos on my phone that make me want to do that as well, haha. but WOW. That video you made is SO PRETTY! Where is it filmed??

  18. I think you look epicly AWSOME!!!The dress really suits you and the photographs look great!I love photography and your such a great model!I love vintige and am dissapointed that not many people like it!Great blog and youtube videos...:)


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