Monday, 4 February 2013

Vintage Shopping in Koenji

sweater - a store in Harajuku
skirt - Vintage (from Koenji)
ring - c/o Oasap
necklace - c/o Merrin & Gussy
tights - Ebay
socks - Thank You Mart
shoes - Rubi Shoes

If I were to list my favourite suburbs in Japan, Koenji would be in the top five. The main shopping street features a ridiculous amount of cool vintage stores, both boutiques and the cheaper "used clothing" variety. Plus the whole area itself is super cute. I have a fantasy plan to come back and live here for a year before I start my science phd, and Koenji is where I'd most love to live.
In the photo just above I'm standing in a super cute vintage store, holding a dress which I really wanted but didn't buy as it was just a bit too expensive... looking at it now though I'm wondering WHY I didn't buy it! From this same shop though, I bought the corduroy overall-style skirt I'm wearing in the top photos for only $10.
Oh Koenji, you're so cute. I think I had a Kawaii-attack at every shop front that I passed. The attention to detail in all the stores is incredible and something that you don't find at all in Australia. I'm definitely going to live here one day.

Hope you're all having a lovely Monday!

p.s. I loved reading all the comments you guys left me on my blog post yesterday. You guys make me laugh so much, I'm so happy to have such lovely people reading my blog and leaving such thoughtful messages! :)


  1. Ooohh i'm so excited to visit Koenji! Though the vintage will be mostly 60s-80s? I wish they would have 40s-50s too!!


    1. Yeah it is mainly 60s - 80s era stuff. Still! It's definitely a place to check out!

  2. Oh man it looks amazing! I'm glad you're having fun!


  3. I had never considered vintage shopping in japan, but this suburb looks brilliant. I really want to go there now. Aw, that dress is so pretty, at least we can see it here. And for ten bucks that pinafore is a steal :D

  4. Ahh Koenji looks great! I'd love to visit Japan one day, it sounds like you're having a blast :) Make sure to eat a lot of good stuff, too! And mochi especially, since the Lunar New Year is on the 10th

    xx maggie

  5. I read all your posts about Tokyo : that's the paradise or what ?! Haha, seriously, it seems so awesome ! I'm sure I would feel in my element !
    By the way, I was wondering, can you read japanese language ?
    Oh, for the dress, don't worry : in these cases, I always think if I didn't take it, it was meant to be, and the clothe was not for me. You saved your money for something better, you'll see ! ;)

    Have a great monday too ! :-*

    1. No not really, I can read hiragana and half of katakana, but I don't speak hardly any Japanese so it's not really useful at all! But I get by pretty easily, people are so so helpful here wherever you go :)
      You should definitely go to japan one day, you would love it!

  6. wow that shop where you're standing with a dress in your hands looks absolutely fabulous and with such a great range of vintage clothing! thanks for sharing!

    Drawing Dreaming

  7. Lucky you, Australia and Japan are two places which I dream to visit! All those things which you're sharing with us, they're just amazing :) Have fun!

  8. Hey girl, this post is so awesome, I love your blog soooo much <3333
    Love, Anna

  9. Oh my, what I wouldn't give to visit Tokyo and shop shop shop ♥ (and do other things.. obviously ;))

  10. Everything looks so great! I wish I was there <3 btw, here in Peru vintage clothing is even cheaper, to die-for dresses cost like $3-$5, same for gorgeous maxiskirts, shirts, even some bags and shoes <3

  11. You are majorly making me want to visit Japan!!

  12. haha that dress is great indeed! I so want to go to Tokyo after reading your posts! Love

  13. My other half and I are planning on a honeymoon to Japan - if you keep up all these pictures it will end up with too much shopping and not enough mountain walking and shrine visiting! It's not for a year but I am tucking these location ideas away. Also, I love the apple core necklace. Looks great against the dark courdoroy.

  14. Ooooo! It looks like you are having such a blast! You definitely should have gotten that dress - it was so adorable! Your post is making me want to travel so very much.


  15. Oh god it's all so pretty... also I love your outfit.

    I just wanted to say that I had no particular desire to go to Japan before this series of posts and now I really, really want to go there.
    I'm not sure if this is a good thing, because there is no way I'm going to be able to any time soon :)

  16. XD You need o bring back sooo many of those!!!

  17. I hope you brought me that floral dress because it is literally perfect!!!!! ;) <3


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