Sunday, 17 February 2013

Lolita in Fukushima / Neuroscience

Determined to buy a lolita-style coat some time on my trip, I finally picked this one up from a Bodyline shop in Osaka for only $50! The shape of the coat is absolutely gorgeous, with its tie-up cape and how the bottom part of the skirt flounces out. This new wig is also from the same Bodyline store! I'm more than happy to be spending all my money in that shop, because no only do they provide wannabe Japanese lolitas with cheap lolita-style clothing, they also have some transgender employees, which is awesome because I think it can often be hard for transgendered people to find jobs, just because of who they are. I paired my beautiful new cape with these platform shoes from Tokyo, and as it was Valentines day, these "Je t'aime" tights sent to me by My Tights!
coat - Bodyline
shoes - from Tokyo
tights - c/o My Tights
necklace - 315 yen store in Osaka
headband - 315 yen store in Tokyo

As my Japanese-related science factoid for today, I'm going to talk about Japanese neuroscientist/biophysicist Ichiji Tasaki - a scientist who I look up to - who made a massive breakthrough in the world of neuroscience: this guy discovered the purpose of myelin sheath.
In our brains, we have special cells called neurons. The electrical signals passed between neurons is essentially the basis of all sensations, thoughts, movements and memories we experience. For example, a signal passed from the nerve cells of the hand to the brain along neurons is what tells the brain that your hand is touching a hot stove, and also helps move your hand away. Ichiji Tasaki discovered the myelin sheath, which is what wraps around each neuron's axon, acting like an insulator on an electric wireWithout it, the electrical signals that go around our brain would be much, much slower, and our brains wouldn't have the capabilities that they have. We'd also have very slow reaction times. The myelin is what is attacked and destroyed by the immune system in the autoimmune disease MS (multiple sclerosis). Ichiji Tasaki's discovery helped the world understand what was going on in MS, and also greatly advanced the field of neuroscience.

More from me soon,

p.s. Thanks so much for leaving such super dooper lovely comments on my Valentines day post, featuring the first-time appearance of my boyfriend Luciano! You made him super happy, and much more confident about his appearance!! Hopefully he will now be appearing on the blog more regularly, as he often wears really cool outfits I want to snap photos of!
p.p.s. Fukushima probably sounds familiar because of the devastating 2011 Tohoku earthquake & tsunami. I'm not in that particular Fukushima in this photo, I'm in a ward called Fukushima in Osaka.


  1. OMG SO CUTIE! I loved the coat, so much much much <3 And i loved your wig and your shoes, you looks so awesome Annika!

  2. That coat is ridiculously gorgeous. I'm so jealous! I just love the cape top, it's a cape and a coat at the same time! *faints*


  3. I adore the shape of your coat! It's something I'd wear because I love the full skirt and the girly shape. Also the rich blue is *gorgeous* especially with the pretty black detail. I just love everything about this coat!! Teamed up with the bow and lovely long wig is perfect! :)

  4. Your new coat is amazing! What a pretty color and gorgeous shape. I love your tights too. And, as always, I enjoyed the science fact!

  5. How can you be so adorable all the time?! That coat is just so lovely <33 ;)

  6. That coat is so cute :) The color, the fit, just every bit of it! If I lived in Japan, I'd shop there too... I especially love the fact that they have a few transgender employees <3

  7. SCIENCE! Not that your awesome "lolita" (a word I've always hated in use by fashion since anyone who reads the book knows the word is Nymphet and Lolita is Dolores Haze, and blah blah blah, anyway) outfit is not awesome, but also go science. Your trip seems like it's going great despite circus feet disasters and the inexorable failure of all vital systems being in a room stuffed with friendly cats can cause, still, NEURONS.

    I have loved Elizabeth Gould for a while now in her pursuit of the study of Neurogenesis. Go neurons.

  8. this is awesome, you should start wearing lolita i bet you'd look adorable

    Stella's Ice Age

  9. Ah, that coat is simply amazing! I love the wig as well. You look very lovely :3

  10. Wow, your coat is so beautiful! I've been thinking about buying a red Lolita coat for the longest time. How amazing that they have transgendered staff! Here in the UK, there was a TV show about transgendered people trying to find work and it was heartbreaking how much transphobia there is in the world.

    By the way, I'm so glad that Luciano has become more confident after his appearance. He really does look like a model!


  11. Wow! what an amazing outfit! you look gorgeous :D xx

  12. Oh my, this coat is so amazing <3 You look too adorable!

  13. Wow, I love everything about this outfit! The coat and tights and shoes are so so prettyyy <3

    Ha, I was a loser at biology, but I remember neurology and find it so cool! I even remember the part about the myelin sheths, but they didn't teach us who discovered it so this was quite interesting to read. Thanks for sharing :)

  14. That coat is amazing! Have I gushed yet about how I'm adoring your Japan posts yet? Because I very much am! Love the neuroscience fact, I'm hoping to take that class in the fall. I had to learn about myelin sheaths when doctors were considering MS as a diagnosis for me (luckily it was just a viral infection!)

  15. Wow, that coat in incredible. It looks really sophisticated. I am loving all your Japan photos. You have got some seriously stylish stuff whilst you are there. And you have an awesome boyfriend to go shopping all the time with you!

  16. really romantic outfit. love it.
    CateWood :)

  17. You seem to know so much about buying pretty wigs I wish I could have you buy one for me!!!
    And that coat = kawaiiiiiii!!!!!!

  18. That outfit is just great! The coat does flounce well.

  19. Your coat looks Fab, Wanna go to Japan just to buy the coat!

  20. Oh my goodness! That coat is just too perfect; the color looks so lovely! Also, glad that your boyfriend is going to appear more - love seeing couples on blogs. :)


  21. Hello! I have a question about this coat. I have been considering purchasing one online in the near future, but am not sure about the sizing. What size are you normally and what size did you get this coat in? I don't want to get it wrong since it is a long way to me. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi :) This coat is a size "M" (but it's probably a little bit too small for me, a L would have been better!) and I am normally a size AU8/US4/UK8 :)

  22. I am in love with this coat


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