Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Leather collar, kitten shins.

I've been listening to a 90s grunge playlist on spotify all morning and I think it's worked it's way into my outfits a little bit. This is definitely not a bad thing, and I think my style has been drifting a little grunge-ways anyway... I'm really getting into the black lipstick though. I looooove black lipstick, almost as much as bright red lipstick. The only problem is that I end up transforming into a creepy Dr Who-style character if I eat while wearing it - it goes everywhere and I end up with black smudges all over my chin and upper lip. Not pretty, haha.
However, how pretty is this Romwe dress? I decided to pair it with a mustard cardigan to accentuate the yellow floral pattern on the dress.
dress - c/o Romwe
collar clips - Ebay
tights - c/o Oasap

So check out this little guy:
(image source)
Really, I have no way to segue in this science item today and it has nothing to do with my outfit (at best I could say it's purplish and greenish). But ignore that - how cool is this transparent turtle?? This is not something that exists in nature (although freaky looking dudes kind of like this do exist in the deepest dark depths of the ocean). This is a regular old turtle, to whom artist Iori Tomita has applied scientific techniques of staining and dying to transform it into a colourful, transparent work of art (although I hope it died naturally first... hmm). In any case, it's cool what he does - he removes scales and skin, then soaks the creature in an enzyme which eats away muscles and tissues - until just the right point where it's become see-through. Then he stains them using dyes, and this is the result.
Pretty cool.


  1. This outfit is perfection! <3

  2. I love the look of black lipstick! I'm still transitioning into wearing any at all...maybe someday I'll have the confidence for it! :D

  3. The black lipstick really suits you. Love this look! The tights are great.

  4. i don't think there are any words to express how much i love this outfit! the black lipstick really works with this outfit in an unexpected way too!

  5. Okay. Just found your blog and it is perfection oh me goodness. Your style is beyond beautiful, your blog name is ingenius, and you are a great writer as well. So much looove.<3

    Greta xoxo

  6. Where are your shoes from??!!

    1. label shoes :) http://labelshoes.com/ not sure if they still sell these ones.

  7. Great outfit, love the lipstick <3



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