Sunday, 28 October 2012

Vintage Vampire

Happy Halloween my northern hemisphere friends! We really don't do Halloween here, although there were some Halloween parties going on this weekend.  Oktoberfest is something that is just as big as Halloween here, and the two always tend to clash. It's pretty funny though - you end up with a lot of zombies drinking steins in lederhosen. As for myself, I went to a warm, sunny, daytime summer festival instead of a halloween party. There were a lot of zombies though, boogie-ing along to oom-pah bands. Oh, Australia. You beautiful, multicultural place.

So for this look, I put black lipstick and a black dress on intending to be all monochrome and gothy for a Halloween look. But, being me, I had to add some (a teeny, tiny, infintesimely small amount of) colour to my outfit, and that came in the form of these floral tights and vintage blazer. So I ended up being a kind of weird amalgmation of a vintage vampire. I think it ended up working well though. It probably makes more sense than lederhosen zombies.

dress - c/o Romwe
tights - c/o Romwe
necklace - c/o Oasap
blazer - Vintage
belt - Vintage
hat - Rubi Shoes

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Much love and Happy Halloween!


  1. Love the black lips!

  2. love this! also think the blazer works well, i'm going as wednesday from the adams family for mine! :)

  3. You look lovely as always.
    For Halloween, I'm being Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time.

  4. "vintage vampire" - OMG I LOVE IT!! XD
    I never thought of pairing a vintage blazer with dark makeup before, and I never thought anyone could pull it off so well!

    do you know what are you're being for halloween? =D

  5. Oh my, I just found your blog and I love your style. It's so unique and beautiful. Can't wait to dig through your archives.

  6. You are the cutest vampire ever <3 I'm going to post my halloween outfit tomorrow ^^

  7. the black lipstick looks great on you!

  8. That black lipstick looks fantastic! As much as I tried when I was a teenager (during that goth phase) I could never perfect it. You look very vampish with the lipstick and hair hair xo

  9. The idea of a vintage vampire is one I really like.

    Good Morning Angel.

  10. love this look. "Vintage Vampire" love the name too :D

  11. Oh my gosh! I love your lipstick! So awesome :)

  12. So pretty!
    xo Heather

  13. Love this look! Your blog is my favourite, I'm Aussie too!


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