Tuesday, 23 October 2012

This is no Modern Romance

So, if you've got a keen eye/follow my blog obsessively, you may notice that I have adopted a slightly different background for my last few posts! Exciting, right??? (No, not really at all.)

I love a number of things about this outfit. The first thing is the ridiculously cool fabric that this dress (courtesy of Mod Dolly) is made out of.
A nod to pastels in amongst a spectacular pattern. I definitely approve. (The dress is on sale if you want to get yourself one!)

The second is these amazing tights. Pretty sure patterned tights don't get any better than this.
And the third - my amazing new boots. Guess how long I've wanted bright pink docs? 
About 3 years. And finally, they are mine! (They're not real docs unfortunately. But they will do.)

dress - c/o Mod Dolly
boots - Raben Footwear
tights - c/o OASAP
socks - c/o Sock Dreams
bag - c/o Wholesale
Necklace - c/o OASAP

Much love!

p.s. Modern Romance - Yeah Yeah Yeahs


  1. So cute! I love that song.


  2. those pink docs are TOO AWESOME!! xD especially when paired with short socks and tattoo tights! <3


  3. I love everything about this outfit! Those tights are fantastic, and the print on that dress is just amazing! I've been wanting a pair of brightly coloured Docs for years, and I thought I had found the perfect cheap alternative last week but they ended up making me look like I had clown feet. Very sad. Looking stunning as always Annika xo

  4. hi princess!
    this dress has awesome print<3 totally love it :) ! and your cute shoes <3

  5. This is so cute! It's eclectic and I love it!


  6. that is the most beautiful pattern and colour scheme!

  7. I love that your entire outfit is romantic yet eclectic. :)

  8. Oh god that dress is gorgeous! *.*

  9. I'm so jealous you can pull of so many styles of hat, this is such a great look; dreamy but still full of attitude. I love it. Lizz xx

  10. This outfit is modern romance.

  11. First of all, great job pairing Dr. Martens (and pink ones!) with a vintage, girly look. I like everything here, every single detail. And what I like about your stylings the most is your versatility and it's just fun to see what you will come up with next :) So glad to have found you on Chictopia :)))


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