Monday, 1 October 2012

October already?

How is it October already?? I can't even believe that my uni exams are in a mere month! This year has flown by way too quickly.
Anyway, I've got an outfit post for you guys. I really, really need to start convincing someone to talk pictures of me outside. This dress is completely marvellous, but unfortunately blends in too much with this fabric background set-up of mine for you guys to see it properly!
Can an awesome photographer please move in next door and become my best friend? - particularly a photographer who has a compulsion to take photos all the time.
Thank you so much Tieka and La La Magic for sending me a gift voucher for this dress! Isn't the fabric and the piping just so pretty? I love that blog giveaways are a thing. Best invention. I have benefited so much from them.

Also, how damn cute is this ring?
Thanks to Oasap for this ring! I love pretending my finger has a little animal on the end of it (I've actually taken to drawing a face on the end of my finger whenever I'm bored studying, moving my ring right to the tip of my finger and pretending it's Finn from Adventure Time - because he has the little cat ear hat? Yeah? Yeah? I'm so cool.)

dress - (won) Lalamagic
ring - c/o Oasap
hat - c/o Wholesale
belt - Vintage
bag - Vintage
socks - Tutuanna
shoes - Vintage

I hope you're all super well!


  1. So. Adorable.
    I was about to say "how fortunate that it's October because Thanksgiving is next month and that begins in the holiday season", but I then remembered that you're Australian and don't have it!

    1. Still, next month does begin the holiday season for me also :)

  2. Oh I adore that dress! Why must you do this to me, Annika? I want all your clothes hehehe

    I hope your October is swell lovely lady

    xx carina

  3. That dress is gorgeous, so pretty! I love those brogues too, so cute. I could totally do with a fantastic photographer next door too, I love taking my outfit photos outside but in Scotland it can just get way too windy to do it alone. I'm petrified of my camera going over in the wind xo

  4. This dress is absolutely gorgeous! And Adventure Time? I think I love you <3
    xo Heather

  5. Beautiful, I actually really love the effect of your dress against the similar background

  6. you are so cute!!!!

  7. That ring is just so super adorable <3
    As well as the dress and you!

    <3 VEGA

  8. I think it's adorable that the dress matches the wallpaper so perfectly!


  9. Oh my goodness... this is BEAUTIFUL! And so is the model ;3 Haha, I would be your perfect photographer, ALWAYS taking pictures! Anyway, I love this so much! Along with the rest of your wardrobe! Hehe :)

    Jess x

  10. your hair/wig is pretty! it's a refreshing change from your normal one, along with the pink lips instead of your usual red lipstick =D

  11. Can I become your photographer ^_^ ?
    You look perfect <3.

  12. this outfit is amazing! i love your blog :)
    danneke xx
    ps: I LOVE your hair

  13. God this is so cute, I totally <3 it! And yeah, tell me about it, I need a photographer too, lol ;) My timer hates me!

    Love, B

  14. I bought the same ring on rings and tings last year, I love it!


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