Friday, 19 October 2012

Love is a Place

I am absolutely head over heels for this dress. Heart boobs = awesome. It's also inspired me to create a similar DIY sometime in the future so watch out for that ;)
So, I haven't posted here since Saturday! That's almost a whole week! Uni has been really full-on the last few days but I now finally get a breather - somewhat of a breather, anyway. Yesterday I had a four-hour-long exam. Did you know that four-hour-long exams really suck? Just in case you were operating under the assumption that a four hour exam sounded like a super fun thing to do. But anyway, it's behind me now, and I have a few free days to take a billion outfit pictures and maybe even do a little bit of sewing! I'm also seeing Noel Fielding do a stand-up show this weekend, which I have to say I am pretty damn excited for!
dress - c/o Oasap
clutch (it's actually a pencil case. shh) - Zipper Magazine
hat - c/o Wholesale
socks - Wholesale
shoes - Wholesale

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


  1. GUH I have been meaning to make something like this since I saw it at Topshop ;a;

  2. This dress is hooot! I love it!!
    xo Heather

  3. Oh my gosh heart boobs.
    You look amazing!


  4. Love the dress! :D goodluck for your free-from-test activities!


  5. Oh my, this dress! Amazing!
    And wow, four-hour-long exam sounds terrible! Hope you did well :)

  6. Love your look always! Super sweet!The dress is awesome! Besides, You give me a really good idea to match the pencil case with clothes! I have the pencil case too! :D have a nice day! :3

  7. so lovely<3 kisses from Italy

  8. cute dress, it's so fun! i love the shoes you paired it with too!

    lindsey louise

  9. Belive me, I've seen many bloggers wearing this dress and you look the best of the best :) Seriously. It's awesome. I also wanted to buy this dress, but I couldn't decide: buy or not to buy, and in case it was too late, uh- my life.

  10. I love that dress! I can't wait to see your own version!

  11. Absolutely fantastic! Love it :)


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