Wednesday, 10 October 2012

DIY Plaid Pinafore/Romper (with bows!)

This plaid, pinafore-style romper is probably my most favourite thing I've made! It's quite similar to my DIY overalls from a few posts back, except that the top part extends right up to my collar, and I added bows to either side of the shorts. I was inspired by this pinafore dress from Dahlia, which I pinned on Pinterest a few days ago (and if you follow my pinterest you'll always know what I'm going to be making really soon, haha).

While I was making them, my mum popped in and said "you know, I think this was the fabric for our school uniforms when I was younger..."
Great, haha. I also went to the same high school as my mum so.. that's fun. I must be having bizzare sadistic cravings to relive my high school days (although, the uniform had changed a bit from my mum's time. But the skirts were pretty much the same fabric as this, looking back on it...)


  1. The romper looks incredible! You did such a good job.

  2. This is so great! I love the bows. You did a really good job!


  3. love the romper! it's a bit short in the back, but it's SO adorable :)
    Oh, My

    1. Haha, yeah I kind of did make it a bit too butt-showing (accident, i swear!) I'll always wear it with tights though, so it doesn't matter.

  4. Gorgeous! You did a great job :) That romper is so cute! xo

  5. cute romper

  6. You have the cuteste style! so adorable :D I found you on lookbook, and now I'm following the blog as well :)


  7. This outfit is perfect, you are perfect gah, can you please fix my wardrobe!!

  8. I just have to tell you....I stumbled on to your blog....... I'm a guy from America who is touring Europe this fall.
    12 years ballet, and I adore fashion..... mom taught me to sew when I was 12, so believe it or not, I have sewn a romper myself.
    Yours is sooooo lovely...I love the material, I love the bows......
    And I love it with the tights.......... I adore being in Europe this fall with so many people wearing the shorts with tights look...and the romper is even better......
    To be honest, I'm actually wearing the shorts with tights myself.... I have long hair, almost as long as your gorgeous hair..... so I guess I confuse people, but I don't care.
    I will faithfully follow your wonderful blog, I promise.

  9. I'd love to get your pattern............ and I intend to go back to your previous blog entries.....
    you've really got a super creative talent here...and a wonderful eye for just the right look and color
    Please keep it up.......

  10. wow i love your blog, you are really inspiration! im gona look whole blog!

  11. I love the bow detail at the sides. Thats what makes it something unique

  12. I think the rompers are cute. I'll try making one though i'll turn it into a skirt instead of shorts because I'm a bit lazy at sewing, lol.

    Thanks for posting this great idea. Keep rocking girl!



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