Saturday, 20 October 2012

Cadillac Print Swimsuit

I normally wouldn't post photos of myself in a swimsuit on my blog, but I had to make an exception for this ridiculously cool one-piece. Particularly because it is still on sale at asos - I think I got it for about $25. Which is too amazing for words.

Not only is it a ludicrously cool swimsuit, but because it's a one-piece it can also become a ludicrously cool top with a pair of high waisted shorts.
(I still don't understand how there was thick snow here precisely one week ago. I am actually going for a swim this morning because it's that hot.)
Word of warning about this swimsuit if you're thinking of getting it - it doesn't come with built in bra cups. I had to sew some in (I cut up an old bra to do this) but that worked really well! You could also cut open the lining in the bodice and insert some of those swimming top insert things. But just so you know ;)

one-piece - Asos
shorts - c/o Wholesale
necklace - c/o Oasap
shoes - Raben footwear

Hope you're all super swell.
And here is an awesome song about Cadillacs (by Modest Mouse).


  1. That is too cute! I just got a package from asos today! Love everything on their site!

  2. That swimsuit looks so cute with the shorts, definitely something you could get away with just as normal clothes.

    the making of things

  3. That's actually super cool! I was just having a debate with myself over whether or not to get a swimsuit or bodysuit from either lovelysally, asos, or blackmilk, but from your post, I think a swimsuit does more!

    1. Ahh you should get this swimsuit.
      it's so good.
      black milk is awesome but so expensive :(

  4. totally jelous of the weather your having over there! sadly over here in gloomy old england it is freezing cold and dark :( JEALOUS OF YOUR LOVELY SUMMERY POSTS! I've had to purchase jeans and jumpers :( boo!

    Love the swimsuit, if only we had the weather over here :)

    much love!

    Tanya @

  5. you look so attractive :) seriously, like young beautiful vintage lady :) totally love this. but honestly, i prefer that second version- with shorts :)

  6. I hate how pretty u r...
    Ur my inspiration <3


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