Saturday, 1 September 2012

Hellooooo Spring!

I was entirely over the moon to have Modcloth contact me a few weeks ago asking about a collaboration with my blog! Of course, I said yes. I have only been obsessively following Modcloth for.. oh I don't know... some number of years. They were the first online store that I ever discovered, and I remember falling in love with it immediately as there was just nowhere in Australia that stocked the same kind of clothes as they did, and it opened up a whole new world of clothing possibilities to me.
I knew that I had to get both this cardigan and this dress once I saw them, because they would go together perfectly - and I wasn't at all disappointed! This is my bright yellow first-day-of-spring outfit. (Not that it is very warm yet. It snowed last night - winter wanted to go out with a bang, apparently. However, I am dressing optimistically.)

Electric Sun Dress - c/o Modcloth
tights - Romwe
necklace - c/o Oasap
bag - Vintage
shoes - Vintage
belt - Vintage 
hat - c/o Wholesale

SO, you've all been eagerly anticipating the winner the of my kind-of-giveaway from the other day. Well, you sure made it hard because you all have really, really good style (or you really know my style down to a tee. Both are probably true and both make me super happy) BUT I had to choose Rachel from Floral Prints and Common Sense who designed me some amazing blouses. (You should probably also go check out her blog. It's full of really awesome style and designs and DIYs.)
Here is her entry:
I love them all, and they would all go so perfectly with this skirt, but I particularly want the green stripey shirt. It is so pretty. If I had the time, I would totally go and make it now, because I even have some fabric which is close to that and would work so well!! Ahh, why can't there be just a few more days in the week???
Rachel, please contact me whenever you get the chance!

Anyway, I hope you're all having a lovely beginning of season in whichever hemisphere of the globe you happen to reside in!

Much love,


  1. Ahhh thankyou so much!
    I'm so excited, I love your blog and I'm so glad you liked my designs!
    My email is, I have no idea the proper process for ads or anything like that, so just tell me what I need to do!
    Eeee thanks again!


  2. It's so weird to think that it's Spring in Australia when it's only Fall in the State's!

    I think you look absolutely lovely!

  3. You look so cute!! Congrats on the collab with ModCloth, I love that site! The dress you chose is adorable ^^

    xx maggie

  4. love the outfit especially the necklace :D xx

  5. Such a beauty..Head to toe!! <3
    The Sweet Life

  6. Gorgeous! That acorn necklace... I want it! And I like your new lip stud. c:

  7. A) YIPPEE re Modcloth! Congrats, that is awesome news.

    B) You so SO GORGEOUS here. You MUST wear more strong colours, they are so good on you. This is hottest you have looked! And I AM LOVING the outdoors pics. TGIS (Thank God it's Spring).


  8. You're tights are amazing!! You're heading into spring whereas I'm heading into Autumn :( enjoy!

    ..F A S H E R N A B L Y - L A T E..

  9. I love the yellow and black together; you're soo lucky that it's coming up to summer in Australia it's getting colder in the Uk and it doesn't feel like we've had a proper summer here :( back to tights for moi...

    1. pssh. it's been such a long, cold winter, I have no sympathy for you, haha :)
      it's our turn! ;)

  10. aww this outfit's so cute and spring-like!

    Francesca xo

  11. You are so lucky one that modcloth wants to cooperation with you !!!! This is such amazing shop *___* I'm in love with these stuff !
    This outfit is another one which I can call: my favouirte of yours <3

  12. you look so cute!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

  13. I like that the clothes on my Australian blogs and my UK blogs look about the same now -early Autumn/Spring at last! Also the dress and cardiagan are perfect together and it looks quite different from what you usually wear.

  14. That dress and cardigan is gorgeous- They go so well together. How exciting that Modcloth contacted you!


  15. Cute & lovely colors!

  16. Oh wow I love that dress and those tights! Gorgeous!
    xo Heather

  17. so lovely outfit!kisses from Italy


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