Friday, 13 July 2012

Whale Watching

While we were at the beach a week or so ago, Luciano and I climbed up to the headland to try and spot some whales! We were so lucky, literally the minute we got up there we saw a whale breaching really close to the headland. We followed it along the cliff side and then discovered it was actually two whales swimming really closely (maybe even a mumma whale and its baby)! We were so close that we could see all the barnacles and junk stuck on it's back! 
So I zoomed right in with my camera and thought I was taking all of these amazing pictures... but, well... umm... no. This is the best one:

Haha. Soo after my whale-fail shots, I did manage to get a shot of the amazing headland that we were standing on including a sneaky photo of camera-shy boyfriend (Luciano doesn't want me to put photos of him on the blog, but this was the back of his head so I figure it totally doesn't count. And you can see how amazing his hair is ;) )
The cliffs stretched all the way out as far as you could see, it was so pretty.

I also had to get Luci to snap some outfit photos while we were up there (because it was totes dramatic and windy and totally on a cliff!), so here they are!
dress - c/o Glamorous UK
sweater - $10 store on George St
necklace - Wholesale
hat - c/o Wholesale
bag - c/o Oasap
belt - Vintage
tights - No idea where they're from!
shoes - Vintage

Have a marvellous Friday everyone!

xxx Annika


  1. I love that you dress pretty even when you go whale watching. I would totaly be wearing a tracksuit from the early '90s.

    1. haha, i am pretty ridiculous, I dress up just to catch the train, to go to the library or go grocery shopping..

  2. Wow these photographs are so stunning! I believe that was a whale! Looks like you had a magnificent afternoon!

  3. The important thing is that you know they were whales!!!
    Beautiful pictures ^^

  4. This is so awesome, it looks like a vintage ad for some coastal knit sweaters or something! I have gone whale watching before and I get pretty similar shots... the huge thing can leap out of the water multiple times and I still end up with some sort of photograph of a splash, sigh.
    Also! I know you are a vintage lovin' gal so I wanted to let you know I am doing my very first giveaway to my vintage shop! If you would like to enter, you can head over to:

    Hope you are having a perfect Friday! xo Hannah

  5. Wow thats so cool!!! I've only ever seen dolphins at the beach, never a whale! :o Hehehe your boyfriend has great hair too!

  6. Oh for god's sake, why do you always look so lovely?!?

  7. it's so cool you have seen a whale, I never saw one! I'd probably go crazy and start taking pictures (like you just did!). Have you seen whales before or was it your first time? I remember when last year a friend of mine from Czech Republic came to Portugal and saw dolphins for the first time in her life, she had to see them a couple of times because she was super excited! :)

    Drawing Dreaming

  8. oh with all the excitment I forgot to say how much I love your sweater (which I totally intended to say!) - it's amazing! :)

    Drawing Dreaming

  9. What a shame you didn't get a clear photo of the whale. It must have been amazing to see one though. I've never seen anything like that!


  10. I've always wanted to go whale watching! Looks like you have a wonderful time :) I love your outfit and your photos are so pretty!


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