Thursday, 12 July 2012


dress -c/o Wholesale
bag - c/o Wholesale
hat - c/o Wholesale
tights - c/o Oasap
belt - Vintage
shoes - Dr Martens

Yet again, I am attempting to post this off the most irritating internet connection (I have to upload each photo about 7 times. Ackk.) Why wouldn't a mansion have internet?? That's what I want to know. Anyway, I really can't complain, being able to house-sit a mansion is preeeetty good. And if it means no internet for a week, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to deal with that, haha.
So, I don't have a favourite colour. I never have. I get mad when people ask me what my favourite colour is, because I think that it's totally dependent on the context and situation. I just don't understand how people have favourite colours that never ever change. Anyway, I'm also pretty much a tragic fashion slave, so that whatever colour is really fashionable, usually becomes my favourite colour for that time. Like minty pastel blue. So at the moment, the kind of blue like in the dress I am wearing, and my bag (both sent to me from Wholesale Dress just a couple of days ago), is my absolute favourite colour.
I also really, reaaaaally like this dress because it is both pleated, AND has the most amazing collar. It's a really different take on the classic peter pan collar, and I think it works really well. You can get it from here if you're interested ;)

I hope you're all having an awesome Thursday! I am about to head off to a science museum (the Sydney Power House Museum) with my boyfriend for a (what everyone else would most likely consider lame but I consider awesome) little date. I'm pretty excited.

(Oh, also, I haven't dyed my hair back to pink, these photos were taken before my hair changed)

xxx Annika


  1. I'm in love with that dress! That website is amazing, I should really look closer to what they sale!

  2. you look so cute and pretty :)

  3. that dress is too good. the pleats are perfect & the collar & the color? i'd say it's a winner.

  4. That dress is beautiful! The pleats are gorgeous and that collar is just amazing!



  5. Love the colour of the dress and the shape of the collar is great!


  6. Museum dates are the best, hands down!
    You look adorable as always! I must get those shoes...

  7. What a sweet and pretty dress! I love the collar and the pleats. And your bag injects just the right amount of saccharine to it. :)


  8. what a pretty dress, such a cute colour too <3

  9. I just love how you pull out the dress! Adorable :D

  10. amazing like always!! I really adore your style.

  11. Oh this dress is so beautiful! I love how you've styled it!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Such a cute outfit - everything fits together perfectly. :)

  14. I found your blog the other day, I love it! I also love going on little museum dates with my bf, they're really fun! Also love the colours of the dress and bag, I just bought a bag with a similar colour, its so pretty. And I never have a favourite colour either, it's just too hard!

    Lisamello xx

  15. what an adorable dress! The color is so pretty.


  16. You are so adorable. I've been following you for a while now and just want to say I love your style!

  17. ohh Annika, that dress is PERFECT! I love the colour and the collar is amazing! it goes really wel together with that bag, love it! :) you look fabulous!

    Drawing Dreaming


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