Tuesday, 31 July 2012

My favourite dress

I would like to share with you today my most favourite dress in the world.
It is handmade and hand-painted, circa 1950. This is the dress that caused me to first fully appreciate vintage clothing, so it's a pretty special one just for that reason. I got it when I was 16, from a local market which happens once every month. I'd decided that day to wear bright red lipstick for the first time ever, as well as a polka-dot headband, and I was feeling mighty self-conscious for making a (what was then for me) massive fashion statement (that sounds totally ridiculous now but I was bullied, pretty severely, into dressing "normally" all throughout high school). So when I saw this dress on a mannequin in a pretty little second-hand store, although I immediately fell in love with it, I thought "that'd never suit me. I would look ridiculous in that". However, egged-on by my mum and the store-owner, I went to the toilets to try the dress on. I really liked how it fit - in fact I'd never had a dress so flattering - but thought that I would just look ridiculous wearing it, not to mention how much it would make me stand out. Nonetheless, I thought I'd better at least show my mum (who was obliged to stay with the store-owner until I came back to make sure I didn't just take off with the dress). As I was making my way back to the stall, the store-owner caught sight of me, clad in bright yellow, and wolf-whistled and yelled out, drawing the attention of everyone at the markets. For a super self-conscious sixteen-year-old, this was a pretty big thing. Everyone was looking at me but I was, somehow, grinning broadly and (self-consciously) strutting my way back to the stall. I bought the dress (well actually... I think my mum paid for it, haha) without hesitation. From that day, I started to care less about what people thought I should or shouldn't be wearing.
And that's the story of this dress! Although in its 60 years of existence it's probably had a lot more interesting stories about it than that one. But it's the garment that got me into wearing vintage clothes so it's pretty special to me!

all vintage, shoes from wholesale and hat c/o wholesale

I hope you're all having a beautiful week.

xxx Annika


  1. The dress looks so adorable! I love the floral style. It really looks so cute on you :D


  2. Wow. I love it when there's a story behind clothes, and what an incredible story! I can't imagine you being self-conscious, you're such a super confident person now. And it's funny when every dress you wear, you say it's your favourite, but I can see this one is extra special :)


  3. Woah, a lot history in that dress, its looks lovely on you :)

  4. The dress is gorgeous and thank you for sharing that story. I know my friends are sometimes surprised at what I wear and being quite shy I dislike drawing too much attention to myself, though I love dressing differently to everyone else, these two emotions normally clash and I usually play it safe or end up feeling really uncomfortable. I will keep your story in mind when I next update my blog and go out to opt for my beloved red lipstick to accessorise with instead of chickening out. Thanks xxxx

  5. This is such a beautiful dress!

  6. LOVE the combination Yellow and brown!! :)

    Inviting all to my HereJ Giveaway ;) u can win bag and 50$ to spend ;))


  7. You're so pretty! I adore the dress.

  8. wow this dress looks perfect. !

  9. wow! really pretty!
    i'm in love with your dress :)

  10. It's a gorgeous dress. I'm a fan of the colors!
    Love, Evan

  11. Aww, that's such a cute story. I feel like any brave, stylish person has a moment similar to yours sometime in their life. It's a wonderful realization that you actually don't have to fit in or dress like everyone else to be happy and safe.

  12. I can very much relate (as I am currently a 16 y/o immersed into a world of judgemental teens). And I'm so glad you slap on that red lippy and bought that dress, because your style is awesome! And for a first vintage dress, it's amazing! I'm still quite self-conscious every time a wear my hair all pin-up to school, because there are the funny looks from the hierarchy of girls, but it doesn't really perturb me. Which market is it, by the way? I'm hoping it still runs.


    1. oh it's this teeny tiny one called magpie markets and it's actually not very good at all, that time i got this dress from it was the only time it was ever good. I've been so many times since then expecting it to be good but it never has been :(

      lady, please keep it up! one of the reasons i wanted to interview you was because i was so darn impressed by the fact that you were only 16 and dressed so fantastically!

  13. what a great story! and the dress DOES look fantastic on you :)

    Oh, My

  14. What a sweet story. My favorite part of vintage clothes is the stories I can imagine they would tell!
    And what a great color!


  15. You were bullied? Actually that makes me very sad . . . :(
    But I'm glad you didn't pay any of them any mind
    because you look stunning despite what they thought.
    And yeah most people try to tear down anything different.
    I think it stems from evolution. In ancient gatherer times where
    it was beneficial to avoid people with deformities
    or who were sick or incredibly different, which could have been
    an indicator of unhealthiness. I guess behavior like that
    is embedded into our primitive brains unconsciously throughout the centuries.

    Haha, I'm rambling again, I apologize and like many others I love
    the way your dress looks! And I'm sad to say that I don't have
    a piece of clothing that has as much sentimental value as something
    like that. Also your mom is incredible to have been so supportive. :)

    1. woo evolutionary psych! I actually wrote a research paper for psychology tearing down evolutionary psychology last semester for uni, haha. but there is some rationality behind that idea.
      also, thanks :) she really is the most incredible mum :)


  16. I understand why, it's so you!

  17. It was a good idea to buy this dress, you're splendid with it!

  18. So pretty !
    You have a excellent blog . I'm a new follower ! :)

    Xo ,
    Ana Catalarrana

  19. That is such a lovely story to have attached to a dress <3 I love it.
    It makes me want to think more about the clothes that I wear and what stories they might hold.

    Good Morning Angel.

  20. Adorable blog!! I just found it, and I LOVE your style!
    Happy to be a new follower ;)


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