Monday, 16 July 2012

Do you love me? Are you playing those love games with me?

dress - Paddy's Markets
bag - c/o Wholesale
hat - c/o Wholeasle
socks - Tutuanna
shoes - Wholesale

p.s. I found out the other day that this talented lady had done a pretty portrait of me using this photo. I love it so much. Mega, who created the portrait, is only 15 - ahh and how good is it?? And she (if google translate is to be believed) listed me as her role model, which made me all smiley inside (and outside too).


p.p.s. I got my exam results back! They have validated that I can blog everyday and somehow still do really well at uni at the same time. Ha! (If I had not done well then I would have had to lay off the blogging, so it's lucky for you guys!)

p.p.p.s. The Mighty Boosh - Love Games:
(if you don't already know the Mighty Boosh, please don't watch that. You'll only think I've lost my mind.)

I hope you're all having a brilliant day! Don't forget to enter my giveaway if you live in AUS or NZ! (Apparently I don't have too many local followers, so you'd be in with a good chance.)

xxx Annika


  1. a very very very beautiful dress!

  2. Great dress! The back is so cool and I love that print :)

  3. Love the dress <3 The Boosh is amazing, poor old Gregg. xx

  4. I love this outfit and it's so so adorable and I want a dress like it. :(

  5. I truly love your dress, Annika... but wasn't it supposed to be Winter there? haha
    that skirt you're giving away is one of my favourite items from Sugarlips, I've been wishing to have it for a while now, too bad I don't live closer ;)

    Drawing Dreaming

  6. Love the dress! I've seen it on a few online shops in solid colours, but the polka dots on it are just adorable!!
    xo Heather

  7. Haha I love the Mighty Boosh nothing wrong with liking/being a little crazy!
    I adore your dress, the back of it is so gorgeous! Lovely shoes too!

  8. I was immediately drawn in by the Boosh quote, happy days. This outfit is so adorable! And congratulations on your exam results!

    Emily Wears Things

  9. Omg girl, I love you. You're genius. I love love your style, you're my favourite. I'm your fan no1. I love your dress. Your style is so amazing.
    I'm glad your exams went well, cus I failed mine :(

  10. I love this dress so much, I've been craving a heart back cut-out dress for a long time now, I hope I'll find mine soon. :3 And you look beautiful!!

  11. Lovely dress! The heart at the back is so cute.

    Wow, she is super talented! What a cute little illustration. Congratulations on your exam results!


  12. what you do here is really good, I will be back soon.

  13. The red accessories look super cute with the love heart polka dot dress, and your pink hair gives it a cool edge. I really like the cutout detail! xxx
    Oh you're right, the Mighty Boosh messes with my mind! :P

  14. Just found your blog today and I am happy that I did! I love your vintage modern style! :) I had to follow !

  15. loveely dress and shoes <3
    totally love your outfits! <3

  16. The Mighty Boosh yay!!! A friend of mine does THE best Old Greg impersonation :) I laugh so hard every time.

  17. I love that dress so much! You are too cute for words. Following now! =)

  18. Oh I love the back detail on this dress, you look so pretty my dear :)

    Jo. x

  19. this look is all pretty! you're such a doll!

    xx Joanne
    Discover & follow fabulous fashion bloggers. -

  20. I love your dress!!! and which uni did u attend??? :D


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