Monday, 11 June 2012

Autumn Leaves and Creepers

I took these photos way back when it was still autumn, but realised I had never posted them! So, it is "autumn" themed, but really, that doesn't make sense at all because it's not autumn anywhere in the world.
Ah well.
These leafy tights from Wholesale-dress and awesome comfy (and warm!) sweater from OASAP are helping me to slowly accept the COLLLLD!

Also, I'm still refusing to wear pants, even as the temperature drops.
The way to avoid pants all winter will be to wear skirts and multiple tights, and shorts and tights when the weather is really cold. I've managed to grow out of all my high waisted shorts from last winter (yay for putting on 10kgs in 3 months!...) so I got some new ones from Wholesale-dress, and am really pleased with them; they fit much better than my now too-small version of these same shorts (in dark blue) from wholesale-dress that I wore all last year.

Sweater - c/o OASAP
Shorts - c/o Wholesale-dress
Hat - c/o Wholesale-dress
Bag - c/o Wholesale-dress
Tights - c/o Wholesale-dress
Shoes - c/o OASAP
(Ok, yes, I'm wearing all freebies from sponsors. Hey, I'm poor at the moment and this is my only source of new clothes, don't judge me!)

Hope you're all having a lovely sunny autumny (or winter! or summer! or heck, spring, why not?) day, wherever you are!

Oh and before I go, I just created a facebook page for the Pineneedle Collective! Go ahead and like it (if you like me :D)

xxx Annika


  1. I have so much love for this outfit, the tights, the creepers, that jumper (gorgeous colour and stitch) those shorts, the bag, the hat. hopefully the sunny weather is drawn out a little bit more, because it was so lovely today!

  2. Lovely outfit! I love your shoes and tights :)
    Money is always tight, I swear! :)

    xx maggie

  3. Love it! The bow on the jumper is great and those creepers are amazing.


  4. I love the Autumn-feeling in this photo! For some unknown reason, I often go for Autumn-like colours when dressing such as browns or pastels, I can't help it! oh and I really love the bow on that sweater, it looks fantastic on you! :)
    By the way, I totally understand your problem with Winter haha I end up wearing pants because I get extremely cold but I'd love to hear some of your tips to get warm with skirt or dresses! I personally wear these tights I bought a couple of months ago, they're really really warm, they're lined, it looks a bit like wool haha :)

    1. Oh my god, I have the most fantastic wool-lined thick tights, that's how I can wear shorts and skirts in winter, haha. Autumn colours are kinda the best as well :)

  5. I am simply in love with that sweater! The collar is amazing. Also love the pastel pink of the bag.
    I never wear pants, even in winter. I always stick to tights or leggings (I'm not really a fan of leggings, but I'm even less of a fan of pants ;))

  6. That sweater is just love! Bow collars? My first time seeing one of those. :)


  7. You seem to be able to pull off anything! I'm so jealous of your tights they are gorgeous :)

  8. THAT JUMPER! I wish it came in my size!

  9. I love that green jumper and your bag is so cute!


  10. so I stockings! I love them! nice outfit! kisses!

  11. Such a cute outfit! I really love the collar on the sweater! :)

  12. wow...juz came across ur blog..m lovin it <3 ur amazing!!
    defi followin you .. plz do visit my blog too, and follow me if you like ^_^
    Loads of Love
    The Sweet Life


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