Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Sock Dreams + Discount Code

Just a little while ago, a cute Portland based company called Sock Dreams got in contact with me and asked me to review some of their tights and socks.
You all know how much I love patterned tights and socks, so this was actually like a dream come true.
 In the above photo, I am wearing their floral tights in plum.

I am thoroughly impressed with Sock Dreams. Right off the top, with any pair of patterned tights I would normally be sooooo soooo super careful with, because most patterned tights are very delicate and feel like they're about to rip when putting them on (and do). However, the floral tights do not have any kind of fragility issues - in fact they're very sturdy, elastic, warm and comfortable, without being super thick. Plus they have the most amazing pattern on them, so I'm really happy that I won't be too scared to wear them out!

Wearing (above):
Dress worn as blouse - vintage
Skirt - Momo (Wonder Rocket)
Tights - c/o Sock Dreams
Hat - c/o Wholesaledress
Pocketwatch Necklace - Vintage
Shoes - Rubi Shoes

Then there are these over-the-knee "O Chevrons".
They're so delicate-looking and creamy, and go well with my black and white brogues, and with basically any dress I pair them with.

Wearing (above): this post for details

These gorgeous navy & mustard coloured socks (below) go just perfectly with my vintage brogues and new dress from Glamorous UK (another thing I am reviewing real soon!).

Wearing (below):
Dress - c/o Glamorous UK
Bag - Asos
Hat - c/o Wholesale
Socks - c/o Sock Dreams
Shoes - Vintage

These subtly patterned creamy over-the-knees are also from Sock Dreams, and are, like the others, ridiculously comfy, as well as going with just about every single dress and skirt.
AND THEY ARE MADE FROM BAMBOO. No joke!! They're so incredible!

Thanks heaps to Sock Dreams for sending me these awesome socks. I can definitely recommend them to my blog readers, because they're well made, comfy, warm and also pretty cheap (most pairs of socks and tights go for around $10, and some are even cheaper).
And because it's coming into winter for us southern hemisphere ladies (it's finally cold outside! Boooo! But yay because now we can wear pretty tights!)... Sock Dreams gave me a discount code for anyone living in Aus and NZ, for 50% off shipping.

Discount code:

Click here to go to their website.

Awesome, right?

I hope you're all having a spectacular day!

xxx Annika


  1. Those socks are awesome! I also love the outfits you were wearing, so cute :) :D

  2. Those socks and tights are amazing! Definitely going to check out the website :)

    Kirsti xx

  3. they're lovely, you've styled them all so well! xx

  4. Wow aren't they amazing love how you've styled them!

  5. I'm in Portland and I love Sock Dreams! Best part is that with shipping here it only takes me a day to get the order plus they have a local store pretty close to me. In fact I'm close to the warehouse too. I have 2 sock dreams drawers full at home :)

  6. wow! the socks are so cute ! you styled them greatly ! Besides , the red big bag is so super adorable ! love it ! :3

  7. You have THE CUTEST style. ever. yes. definitely. xoxo

  8. I absolutely love it!! <3 I'm checking out the site right now

  9. love those first tights!
    from, helen at

  10. these are very lovely 8D

  11. The tights are fabulous!! Thanks for reviewing them!!

    xx maggie

  12. Ahh they're amazing! Some more gorgeous outfits <3


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