Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Scallops & Satchel Backpack

Alrighty. So today I am wearing four amazing things from four amazing sponsors.

This creamy scalloped/paisley patterned dress is from Sheinside. How. Nice. Is. It.
So nice. That's how. I feel like I'm wearing my grandma's old curtains, and I'm totally loving it.

The lightly patterned knee-highs are a gorgeous gift from Sock Dreams in the US. I will be doing a review on a bunch of lovely socks very soon, plus a discount shipping code for all you lovely Australians and New Zealanders. This is just a brief teaser.

My bag is from OASAP. It's in a gorgeous cream/brown contrasting colour, and can be both a shoulder bag and an adorable backpack. I've been using it for uni all week, and have gotten a bucketload of compliments!

And this belt (does it look familiar?? It's the one from my giveaway! I had to get one for myself!) is from Mochi Beaucoup. Pretty sure it's the cutest piece of clothing with animals on it ever. The puppies look like they are kissing!!!! I mean, come on, way too cute.

Dress - c/o Sheinside
Blouse - Forever 21
Bag - c/o OASAP
Socks - c/o Sock Dreams
Belt - c/o Mochi Beaucoup
Shoes - Raben Footwear
Hat - c/o Wholesale-dress

& thank you for all your kind comments on my handmade dresses! You're definitely encouraging me to continue slaving away over the sewing machine (quite at the detriment of my studying...)

Have a lovely day everyone!

xxx Annika


  1. you look so pretty, Annika! plus that backpack is way too amazing ;)

  2. This outfit is amazing! Congrats on may style icon, by the way ~

  3. These scallop dress are so beautiful!

  4. I love your saddles :3 nice outfit

  5. Those brogues are lovely! I also think you hair look fab :-)


  6. That dress is so pretty! I'm loving the subtle baroque print and scalloped hem :)

    xx maggie

  7. Ooooh I can't wait for the discount code! I am having some serious sock- and tight-lust at the moment and as a Kiwi the shipping can often make shopping on Sockdreams prohibitive. Yay! You look adorable too.

    1. Thank you so much Georgia! :) (psssst It's PINECONE if you can't wait)

  8. DOUBLE SCALLOPS?? Oh I'm in love. x Rachel



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