Sunday, 20 May 2012

FunkKit Stickers & Brogues DIY

Think these shoes are cute?

You can make them yourself, really easily!
All you need to do is visit FunkKit, get some stickers, grab a plain old pair of shoes and you're ready for this DIY!

These stickers were originally intended for use on sneakers, but they can definitely be put to use making a pair of oxfords or brogues look incredible as well. The inspiration for this DIY also comes from this amazing shoe store, and I've got some more cartoon-like stickers to try out on these shoes when I feel like a change (the stickers aren't permanent either!)

This blog post was a bit gif-heavy, so I've included a break in this post. You'll have to go past the break to see the gifs and the full instructions! I recommend that you do, because you'll get to experience a little old thing I'd like to call DIY-O-Vision. Intrigued? You'd better check out the full post, then!

Welcome to DIY-O-Vision!
(Give it a minute to load if you have slowish internet, I promise it's worth it...)

This DIY is brought to you by The Pineneedle Collective with the help of FunkKit Stickers.

This is how to make some pretty cupcake brogues!

What you need:
1 pack of FunkKit stickers
A ballpoint pen
A pair of shoes

Time required:
About 20 minutes

Step 1:

Remove shoelaces.
Peel plastic from backing and place on shoe.
Draw desired shape with pen.
Remove from shoe.

Step 2:

Place plastic on pattern.
Cut around the lines you drew (cutting both plastic sheet and pattern sheet together).
You should now have the shape you wanted!

Step 3:

Check placement.
Peel backing sticker from patterned paper.
Place onto shoe.
Smooth out.
Peel off top-plastic.

Step 4:

Poke through shoelace holes with scissors.
Re-lace shoes.

Delicious cupcake shoes!

Now, I really can't take full credit for this idea. FunkKit came up with the idea, and I was merely the one who implemented it. But isn't it a sweet DIY?? I am thinking of trying this out on a plain leather backpack as well... and I also have some sweet cartoon prints to try out on my black & white brogues. I'm pretty excited about it!

If you missed my last post, I told you all about a little tumblr I made at
& now I'm inspired to create something like these...

This would be a totally do-able DIY with maybe these or these stickers.
Oh my gosh, I need to get myself some pink docs asap...

I hope you enjoyed this DIY :)

xxx Annika


  1. I love this DIY! When I get sick of the black/white combo of my Van brogues, I will definitely try this out!

    xx maggie

  2. I'm inlove with your shoes! And the stickers are so cute! I really am going to try this out :D


  3. These are gorgeous! Your DIY's are just amazing xxx

  4. amazing^^ i love them <3

  5. This looks amazingggg!! But shhh don't tell too many people, no one will want to buy my shoes then hehe
    xx PC

  6. Those are so cute! Love the little gifs- great idea!


  7. that is so cool seeing my design taking form! :)
    hope you like it:)

  8. absolutely love this idea, a plain pair of black brogues are going to get DIY'd!

  9. What a rad idea. I can't wait to give it a go myself.

  10. Hi Annika!

    I think this was such a great idea, and I got my Funkkit stickers today and made this using your tutorial:

    Thanks so much I love them, and this is one of my favorite blogs!!


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