Friday, 11 May 2012

Charity stores and abandoned school yards

Let me introduce you to my very stylish friend, Clare.

A couple of months ago, we spent a whole day exploring our favourite local charity stores, both ending up with massive plastic bags bursting with thrifted cardigans, sweaters, dresses, shirts and skirts, most of which we got for $1 each because every op shop seemed to have a sale going on! (We didn't plan that, but it was a very nice surprise!)

At the end of the day, we decided we wanted to take some pretty photos wearing some of our new items of clothing.
We maaaay have then "trespassed" into this pretty abandoned old school building, because we couldn't resist the gorgeous old school architecture and and pretty leafy walkways. We had to be pretty sneaky about sneaking in, but it was definitely worth it - it is the prettiest place in our town yet it's all boarded and fenced up! Such a waste!

Then we tried to take some outfit photos, with somewhat mixed/disastrous results.

After taking about 70 shots of our knees and accidentally cutting off our heads, we gave up trying to get an outfit photo together. But I actually really like how the picture of our knees turned out - sometimes accidental shots are the best!

Here's Clare showing off some of her thrifted goods:

What we are wearing

Cardigan - Vintage, Hat - Vintage, Dress - $10  dress shop in Sydney, Necklace #1 (sand timer) - Equip, Necklace #2 (beads) - Vintage, Shoes - Bangkok markets 

Blouse - Vintage, Hat - Wholesale, Cardigan - Vintage, Skirt - Forever 21, Socks - Vintage, Shoes - Yesstyle, Bag - Vintage

Before I go, let me tell you about Clare's challenge to "Live Below the Line" for 5 days - essentially living off $2 or less a day for 5 days.
Clare's doing this in order to raise funds to help alleviate poverty, raise awareness of the prevalence of poverty, and to find out for herself how so many people in the world have to live, with no choice.
She's actually on her last day now, but you can keep donating for the next few weeks! It's amazing how much going without food and proper nutrients can affect you - for instance, yesterday I was very amused by Clare trying to use her laptop as a touch screen (it's not a touch screen) - and after feeling completely exhausted and brain-dead for the last few days she is looking forward to a bit of a midnight feast when the challenge ends tonight. Anyway, this is an awesome cause to donate to, and if you could spare even a few dollars, that would be really sweet!

(My good friend Bonnie is also doing this challenge)

We hope you're having a lovely day!

xxx Annika & Clare


  1. Hi Calre.

    You know, I am totally obsessed with shots of shoes, sock/tights, bit of skirt - and the above ones are no exception.

    The backdrop is total heaven.

    Have a great w/e ladies.


  2. you girl looks fantastic! Your thrift finds seem amazing, I wish we had thrift stores here, shopping there seems so much fun!

  3. You both look stunning! I love all the fabulous thrift goods y'all found! Makes me wanna make a trip to my local thrift store now... hehe :)

    daydream frenzy

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  4. Lovely pictures! You both look like you're having a blast!

  5. Cool pics! Love the location. Wow kudos to your friend for doing the $2/day charity.

  6. haha, looks like a tinsy bit of a struggle to get both of you in the picture, such fun! clare's cardi looks so cool, and perfect for the chilly weather. and of course your outfit is cute as a button.

  7. Love-love-loved EVERYTHING about this post! ♥ (and your right, accidental pictures are the best!)

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