Sunday, 6 May 2012

Body Movin'

I thought it was about time to leave the house to take some photos for once. I used to always take outdoor photos, but the convenience of my little strange set up with a bit of patterned fabric as my background has meant that I've gotten lazy and started taking all my photos there. But it also means I've been able to take a whole lot more outfit photos, because I don't have to drag someone along with me to be the photographer.  So it's a win/lose situation! Anyway, I hope someone appreciates the diversity in photos today :)

This new boater hat, tights and bag are c/o wholesale-dress (yes you read that right! Wholesale-dress - only my favourite online store, as you will know if you read my blog - sent me a lovely gift!) anyway, they are seriously amazing! I really was in need of some new hats, I wear the same old one from that I got from wholesale-dress about a year ago ALL THE TIME, and it has held up extremely well seeing as it was only $2, but it's nice to have something new to wear as well. This one was $4, but even though it was so cheap I was extremely impressed by the quality of it! Same goes for this satchel bag ($8). Find the links to the individual items below.

Sweater - Wholesaledress
Boater - c/o Wholesaledress
Bag - c/o Wholesaledress
Skirt - Wholesaledress
Tights - c/o Wholesaledress
Shoes - Wholesaledress
Ribbon Collar Thing - DIY
Cameo Brooch - Ebay

Ah.. Okay. The outfit is actually about 90% Wholesaledress stuff (everything except my collar thingy & brooch), which I completely didn't realise until writing that list just then! Goodness gracious. Well, I guess I think they're pretty rad.

Music for this look is my favourite Beastie Boys songs in memory of MCA, who sadly passed away just yesterday.
Beastie Boys - Intergalactic
Beastie Boys - Body Movin'
Beastie Boys - So What Cha Want

Hope you're having a sweet day!
xxx Annika


  1. you look so super cute! I just love the background on your pictures :) you look absolutely fantastic on the second photo, I love it!

  2. very nice, I find wholesaledress a little confusing, there's too much choice! But I love the items you've picked out :) xx

  3. Love the sweater. I've never heard of Wholesaledress but I wish we had them in UK x

  4. You are totaly fab! So sweet.

  5. This outfit is so adorable ~ I love every piece of it!

  6. cute background...

  7. you're so quirky & cute, i love it! you rock the pink hair like no one else, and i love your dotted tights & pink bag. loving your blog! just found you through her library adventures & your style just rocks. i saw a couple outfits below that i think i need to go check out right away. xo.

  8. as usual, you look so cute!

  9. I love absolutely everything about this! Especially the bag. And omg your hair is so cute!

  10. What can I say? Perfection, once again.

    You know, I have never heard of Wholesale dress. I shall stalk them now.

  11. Such a pretty little skirt!


  12. Chic an dstylish! follow each other darling? Kisses

  13. I am so sad about MCA. I've been listening to pretty much nonstop beasties since friday. You look SO CUTE though.

  14. I love the sweater + bag! Your outfits are always gorgeous :) would you recommend buying from I've heard a lot of mixed reviews but their shoes and bags are ridiculously cheap, even with the crazy shipping prices!

    1. I would seriously recommend the bags and shoes from wholesale-dress, while other things like pants and dresses can sometimes be a bit weird (although they have gotten a lot better), I have always had really good experiences with shoes and bags from them. Even with the shipping prices, its still usually way cheaper than if you got them from anywhere else! What shoe size are you? Unfortunately I only fit in the "plus size" shoes, and I'm a size 41 on the website, usually also a UK6/AU8/US8-9. If you've got small feet I am so jealous of you, they sell the best shoes but usually only up to size 39 :( if you have any questions, ask me, i am well experienced with them haha

    2. excellent! thats reassuring to hear haha, I'm a size 37, so luckily in the right range xP how long does shipping take normally? I have my eye on so many shoes and bags!

    3. oh gosh damn, so jealous!! I always choose fedex and its really quick, like 1 week usually? Sometimes about 2 weeks. it varies, but you can track it the whole way. (thats if you live in australia. i don't know where you live ;) )

  15. I love these pictures!



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