Friday, 4 May 2012

All the vintage ladies put your hands up!

I love vintage. You may have realised this, if you have read my blog for, oh, more than two blog posts.

I made the lovely realisation the other day that more than half my wardrobe is thrifted goods. In fact, it's probably about 2/3 vintage. I'm pretty proud of that, I have to say! I'm very lucky to live where I do, I have realised, because I've been getting lots of comments lately to the effect of "I wish vintage stores/op shops in my area were as good as yours!!"

Solution to your problem? Maybe so.
The eyelet sweater I'm wearing is also pure, lovely vintage, but is actually from an online store, Shoppalu vintage. One of my new sponsors, Shoppalu vintage is super neat because you can fill your wardrobe with awesome vintage but skip that whole part of going to the op shop and sifting through mountains of smelly second hand stripey polo shirts from the 90s and the like (especially good if you don't have particularly good vintage stores in your area! I told you I had a solution for you!) Shoppalu hand picks vintage pieces for you, and there are no gigantic bras, velveteen tracksuits or puffy-sleeved 80s monstrosities to be seen! They also stock new brands as well. Check them out here if you are interested!

Items from Shoppalu which I'm a little bit lusty for:


And what I'm wearing:
Dress - I made it!
Sweater - c/o Shoppalu Vintage
Bag - c/o Mochi Beaucoup
Belt - stolen off a vintage dress
Necklace - Vintage
Hat - c/o Wholesaledress
Tights - c/o Oasap
Shoes - Yesstyle

Hope you're all having the sweetest day,

Annika xxx


  1. I love the pocket watch necklace! I want one..

  2. We don't have thrift stores here in Portugal so getting something vintage is almost impossible but I read about Shoppalu a while ago and they have such great stuff :)

    1. Oh my gosh! I can't even imagine living in a place without thrift stores. That's really bizarre! Dayum.

  3. i love your vintage style! and fyi, Your blog is the first blog that I follow. im new kid here :)

  4. i'm completely lusting after your soft, sweet, diaphanous blue skirt! xo.


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