Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Vintage Dress Remix with Polly Bland!

Hello lovelies! Today I bring you a collaboration between myself and the incredible Polly Bland from The Littlest Polly! We're both going to be mixing up a vintage dress for you (and having a whole lot of fun with layering, collars and bright colours) with the aim of providing inspiration and such for your own wardrobes!

It's been lovely meeting fellow blogger Polly, she is super friendly plus I love her vintage flair and how unique, fun and colourful her outfits are! She stated in her version of this collaborative post that this remix arose a result of her creeping on my style - little does she know that I'd been creeping on her blog for quite a while before she asked me to do this remix.
So... I guess we're both creeps.

Still, you can imagine how excited I was when she asked me to do this remix with her!

Anyway, without furthur ado, I introduce to you the beautiful Polly and her gorgeous vintage dress remixed x4!
(full-size these photos if you can, because they're really nice)

I'm in love with how colourful this outfit is! Polly says of this outfit: "I paired it with my mom's vintage hunter green knee socks and chevron wedges and a red hat. A bow tie to top it off."

"I paired the vintage dress with oxfords found at Goodwill, my Great Grandmother's fur collar with a vintage pin on it from my mother, and orange gloves from Dandelion Vintage."

Just in case you missed that, that's her Great Grandmother's fur collar. Pretty sure that's the best thing ever.

"I wanted a bolder pop of color for this look so I added vintage blue bow heels from Salvation Army and a electric blue blazer. Green vintage pearls from my mother and my Great Grandmother's white mesh metal purse from the 1950's/1960's."

"I paired the vintage dress with taupe and white flats found at Salvation Army, a lace crop top from forever 21, a green thrifted belt, and an antique sleeping cap from 1905."

From 1905, in case you missed that again! It's a real life antique! And it looks stunning.

Now this one you've already seen before. This is the dress I shall be remixing.

To mix it up a little, wear your dress as a blouse, under a high-waisted skirt or a pinafore.

Or you can layer a cropped sweater over the top of your dress, and flip the collar out on top so the sweater looks like it has a collar, and your dress turns into your skirt!

This is the very sneaky Stolen Collar trick. Layer your collared dress under a simpler dress and BAM you have a new dress and you can feel real proud of yourself!

We hope you liked our remixes, and that you're feeling inspired to mix things up a little in your own wardrobes! Polly's remix sure has inspired me, in particular to start accessorising my own dresses with vintage gloves, pins and fur collars. And to start wearing things that are older than 100 years, because that is just too damn cool!

Much love!

Annika and Polly


  1. This is amazing!

  2. Great mixing from both of you!

    Wow... 100+ years old? Totally crazy! (I thought that having blouses your grandma had handmade when she was young was old, that's just insane!)

    xx maggie

  3. what a delightful post. feast for my eyes! all the looks are lovely! <3


  4. I found your blog through Polly's, and I think the two of you are just way too cute! I absolutely adore this post!!!
    xo Heather

  5. wow. you've re-invented that dress completely. love the last one especially. and the pinafore adds a nice touch.


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